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Will Cryptos Trigger a 2008 Systemic Crisis?

Will Cryptos Trigger a 2008 Systemic Crisis?

Episode #61  |  November 11th, 2021
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In This Episode:

Are the markets in trouble? Where should you be investing your money? 

In this week’s episode, Trish is joined by the publisher of the Lead Lag-Report, Michael Gayed.

Michael brings up an interesting point about cryptocurrencies…do they have too much leverage in the market? If so, could they help cause a recession?

Trish and Michael discuss break-down crypto recession scenarios and they also discuss the relationship between lumber and gold.


Michael Gayed

Portfolio Manager at Toroso Asset Management
Michael Gayed is a manager of the ATAC Funds and a respected award-winning, results-oriented Investment Manager showcasing 15 years of success executing initiatives that result in significant revenue growth.
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