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The Unlimited Potential of NFTs

The Unlimited Potential of NFTs

Episode #70  |  January 13th, 2022
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In This Episode:

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are taking over the world…

If you’re not familiar with NFTs, you’re not alone… An NFT is a digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, music, or real estate. They are unique and are bought and sold online, frequently with cryptocurrencies. And NFTs are the next frontier in the digital revolution… 

Joining Trish this week on the podcast is an expert in this arena, Eddie Ibanez. Eddie, a technology entrepreneur and pioneer in computer tech and data patterns, talks with Trish about this exciting and emerging new industry. Some have even compared mathematician Eddie with Matt Damon’s genius character in the smash-hit movie Good Will Hunting.

Eddie recently teamed up with famous YouTuber and NFT junkie Logan Paul to create CryptoZoo, a digital zoo where users can breed, collect, and trade exotic hybrid animals as NFTs.

These digital oddities may sound bizarre, but there’s big money to be made… NFTs can sell for wild sums of money – millions of dollars.

Listen to this week’s episode for a better understanding of the technology that is our future…

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Eddie Ibanez

Lead Developer, CryptoZoo
Eddie Ibanez is an American tech entrepreneur, data scientist, and cybersecurity expert, who is currently the Lead Developer at CyrptoZoo, an autonomous ecosystem that allows ZooKeepers to buy, sell, and trade exotic animals and hybrids. CryptoZoo incorporates cryptocurrency and NFTs into a simple, fun game with familiar mechanics.

Episode Extras:

1:13 - Trish starts off the episode with some information about “The Metaverse and the future of cryptos” before introducing this week’s guest, Eddie Ibanez.”

6:40 – Trish tells Eddie that she described him as “sort of a serial entrepreneur due to his involvement in a lot of different businesses.”

 8:51 – Eddie says that he enjoys blockchain technology because it is like “a ledger that’s public,” the fact that everyone can see the contents of what he owns, but no one knows it’s his.

10:01 – Eddie says that the benefit of using blockchain technology is the fact that your personal information is anonymized. Which is a better option than giving away information publicly to companies like Google and Facebook 

13:08 – Trish points out that although these Blockchain technologies are developing on their own they still hold value compared to the US dollar. Similarly, to “using Mastercard or whether you’re using Amex” coins have different utilities for different scenarios

14:08 – Trish and Eddie begin explaining the process of gaining Zoo coins through the gaming platform that Eddie has created with the famous YouTuber Logan Paul

18:30 – Trish talks about how bitcoin has grown and become publicly accepted throughout the past few years. Eddie agrees saying that even banks are joining the trend. 

23:01 – Eddie talks about how the decentralized form of cryptocurrency can allow you to lend money to other people the same way a bank does.   

 24:14 – Eddie says creating tickets and smart contracts through blockchain technology could help artists receive their royalties quicker. 

27:30 – Trish and Eddie talk about the future in gaining equity from the information we give to the Internet. Eddie says everyone has a “monetization value” that companies are interested in advertising to 

33:10 – Eddie describes how their zoo coins are back by Ethereum. Which allows the users to cash out each of the eggs and animals that they collect within the game  

39:10 – Trish asks the question of which crypto Eddie likes the most. He replies saying that he’s interested in “remaining long term” and looking at which crypto suits his desired needs. 

45:45 – Trish gives some final thoughts on the conversation from this episode went and how to get more information on blockchain technology.

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