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The Fed: All Dollars and No Sense

Episode #30  |  April 7th, 2021
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In This Episode:

Globalism, meet socialism! Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen recently called for a mandatory minimum global tax for every corporation, intending to raise rates from 21% to 28% for “a more level playing field.” The Fed and D.C. are playing a dangerous game with our financial lives right now. We need competition for capitalism to thrive here and abroad and trying to legislate it out smacks of socialist re-engineering. Neil Grossman, a former senior executive at the Central Bank of Norway, returns to elaborate on the Fed’s malignant, negligent policies — and how to remedy them. The two also discuss hyperinflation, the market asset bubble we’re in, and how much the American taxpayer owes the rest of the world.


Neil Grossman

Former European Central Banker, former hedge fund investor, physicist, mathematician and attorney with an interest in constitutional law
Neil Grossman (retired) spent the last two decades in the financial industry working as a proprietary trader, asset manager and market-maker. In particular, he has traded liquid products in major markets around the globe, with particular emphasis on arbitrage-related strategies.
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