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The Aftermath

Episode #8  |  November 4th, 2020
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The polls were way off – Trump is very much in this race and concerns about vote counting have arisen. This special election edition of American Consequences with Trish Regan breaks down the current state of the votes, and what’s to come. Guest Sean Spicer, television host, author and Former White House Press Secretary under President Trump outline how wrong the media has been going into the election polls. Then Trish and Andy Puzder, author of Getting America Back to Work, dive into the Trump campaign. And according to fan-favorite Dr. Sebastian Gorka, “it’s not how many votes you win, it’s who counts the votes.”


Andy Puzder

Former CEO. Senior Fellow, Pepperdine U School of Public Policy & author of "Getting America Back to Work."
Former CEO. Senior Fellow, Pepperdine U School of Public Policy & author of "Getting America Back to Work."

Dr. Sebastian Gorka

Former deputy assistant to US President Donald Trump
Sebastian Lukács Gorka is a British-born Hungarian-American military and intelligence analyst, who was a deputy assistant to US President Donald Trump in 2017. In July 2020, the White House announced that Trump would appoint Gorka as a member of the 14-member National Security Education Board. The board addresses "the national need for experts in critical languages and regions" by awarding scholarships and fellowships to students, and grants to colleges and universities. Gorka has written for Breitbart, and currently you can find work at American Consequences, American Greatness, &

Sean Spicer

Former White House Press Secretary under President Trump, host of Spicer & Company
Former White House Press Secretary under President Trump, host of Spicer & Company weeknights at 6pm ET on Newsmax, & author of the new book - "Leading America: President Trump's Commitment to People, Patriotism, and Capitalism" Book Info: A book that analyzes our current political moment through the lens of politics and culture and argues that President Trump has put the country back on the right track and needs to be reelected in 2020.


             [Music playing]   Male 1:                       This is American Consequences With Trish Regan, a view of things you won’t get anywhere else. Trish talks the Fed, the White House, and the world like no one. The biggest guests and best analysis starts right now. Here’s Trish Regan.   Trish Regan:               What a night, and now, what a day… what a week it may turn out to be. I’ll tell you this, regardless of what happens. Regardless, conservatives have won this round. Donald Trump has won this round. In part because the polls were so darn wrong. Hello, everyone, welcome to American Consequences With Trish Regan. I am Trish and we’ve got a terrific lineup for you today. Sean Spicer, the former press secretary for the president, now host of Spicer & Co. on Newsmax, and the author of the brand-new book Leading America is in the house. And Andy Puzder, the former CEO of the CKE Restaurant chain… wonderful, wonderful, thoughtful guy on the economy and a big supporter of the president. We’ll hear what he has say.   And Dr. Sebastian Gorka, your favorite, the host of American First. All here with me today to try and decipher what actually has happened and where we go from here. But like I said, there is a lot to be proud of, given where the polls were and what we have actually seen thus far. I have my concerns, my reservations about just exactly what’s happening in terms of the vote counting and we’re going to talk about that with each of the guests. But nonetheless, a lot of Americans have spoken and you know what, they want an open economy. They want a successful stock market, and they want peace in the world.   And you saw them despite all the negativity surrounding Donald Trump, they – you saw them coming out in spades for the president. Joining me right now, my first guest. I’m so happy to have here with us none other than Sean Spicer, author of the brand-new book Leading America. The host of Spicer & Co. at 6 p.m. on Newsmax every night, and the former press secretary for the president of the United States. Welcome, Sean.   Sean Spicer:                Yeah, well, especially on those nights when you’re joining us then it’s really good.   Trish Regan:               I always love going on with you and Lindsay.   Sean Spicer:                Thank you. The funny thing is, I wrote this book, Leading America in last November… December… and then edited it through the winter. And you never know what things are going to look like when it comes out, right? I talk about Big Tech, Big Media,  academia, and everything that occurred in the last 72 hours is exactly what I present in the book… is what’s going on in America and the pro challenges and the problems that we face.   It was unbelievable to watch folks last night who were so epically wrong. I mean at the end of the day, just the popular vote, forget everything else, the polls and the media were so wrong about how this thing went down.   Trish Regan:               I find that encouraging though, Sean, because well, I’m sure you do too. And I just want to say because I’m really tired of being told, well, if you don’t think like we do then somehow you’re evil, you’re on the wrong side of history, you’re a racist. I mean these are pretty big accusations to be leveling at people and you’re talking about basically half the country. We’ll see how it all shakes out. But you know that a lot of people feel very strongly and I think they’ve kind of had it. They see through what the media’s doing.   Sean Spicer:                They do, but here’s the thing, Trish, that I thought was so – to what you just said. If you look at like Miami-Dade and you look at how he overperformed with Hispanics – not just there, but in other places, in Georgia. And then within the Black community, if you were watching a lot of these mainstream shows from NBC and Chuck Todd and Savannah Guthrie to CNN, listening to Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo, you would think that the president is this Far Right-wing racist person that’s done nothing to help certain communities. And what last night showed is that they are epically wrong and out of touch. And that the president did extremely well with these groups. Because he did things that actually changed their lives.   Trish Regan:               Well, and I always say, you’ve got to go back to the policy itself. I mean 47 years Joe Biden’s had to affect policy. And unfortunately, those policies that they’ve put in place have left people in a very subservient standard, right? Where they’re really relying on government as opposed to relying on themselves. And not to wonk out everybody but really it does come down, I think, often to economic policy. Things like school choice, for goodness sakes these poor kids in D.C., Sean, they can’t go back to school until Friday after the election. I wonder what that’s about, and there’s no opportunity for them to get a school voucher so that they can hire a tutor or that they can go to a private school.   Sean Spicer:                Well, Trish, it’s even more than that, right? So think about this for a second. The media, when you turn it on and even last night, these guys are all talking about the coronavirus and the President’s mishandling of this, and he’s not wearing a mask and da, da, da, da, da. But at the end of the day, for so many working-class people around this country… whether they own a small business, they work in a small business, they’re a blue-collar worker… they want to go back to work. They understand that things can be done safely, they understand that the economy can be opened up safely. That so much of what’s not going on – what’s going on doesn’t make sense. Trish, yesterday morning, think about this for a second.   The CDC, the Centers for Disease Control, put out a statement that said if you have the coronavirus, if you are sick, you can still go vote in person because that’s, by gosh, that’s a civic responsibility. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a huge believer in voting. But we have now been told that if you’re going out to peacefully protest for certain causes, it’s OK. If you are currently contagious with the coronavirus it’s OK to go into a polling station that might infect other people. Because well, the hint, hint, as long as you’re voting against Trump it’s OK. So I just think that enough people around the country got the joke.   That they’re tired of the establishment, of folks in the media, of folks in these urban areas, trying to tell Big Tech, to tell people that hint, hint, we all get the joke. “We don’t like Trump and we’re going to do everything we can to pile on top of him.” But they were proven wrong last night. And I think that to me, you would think that a certain point they would shut up and not wreck it and just go, OK, we got it wrong twice now. But they’re doubling down and this is unbelievable.   Trish Regan:               We’re talking to Sean Spicer, Leading America: President Trump’s Commitment to People, Patriotism, and Capitalism is his brand-new book. He is also the host of Spicer & Co., 6 p.m. Eastern on Newsmax. And, Sean, I love the coronavirus example because, by the way, [laughs] you’re talking to someone who got herself in a little bit of hot water, shall we say, with the Left-wing media because I said – long before it was acceptable at all to say this –  that they were politicizing this virus and that that was a really dangerous thing to do. And that there were sort of this – I mean, I hate to say it but it was like the way the media was treating it, they kind of would almost, dare I say, cheer on some of those numbers, including bad economic numbers.   Because to them, it meant well, Trump is going to be voted out. And I think it kind of worked against them ultimately. Because sure, the economy tanked and people said to themselves “well, I don’t want that to happen again,” right? And so they said to themselves “we need to find a way to power through this – if we are going to fight coronavirus, we need to have a strong economy… which means we need to be open.”   Sean Spicer:                Well, part of this, Trish, is they don’t get it. So think about this: if you work for the government you’re still getting your paycheck. You may be working from home, but you got your benefits, you got your paycheck every Friday or whenever you get it, I don’t know. So you might be inconvenienced by not being able to participate in the Secret Santa or something that’s coming up. But you’re still getting – you’re able to provide for yourself and your family. If you work for one of these Big Media companies in New York City, you’re also taken care of. And so for them, they don’t understand what’s the big deal, just go work from home, go do this.   But if you own a shoe repair store in Kenosha, Wisconsin and you’re told you must close even though you’re like, “Well, I have one person that comes in, drops stuff off, and they come back and I can do this safely. And by the way, the Walmart can open up so why can’t I?” You understand the frustration that’s going on there because these folks in the media, I mean I use the example last night on Newsmax but they fly out to Iowa every year or so. Go to the Iowa state fair, get pork on a stick, look at the butter cow, and think that they now are in touch with the rest of America.   Trish Regan:               Yeah, I mean you’re spot on. And I want to say – and I can remember, Sean, you may not remember this – I remember seeing you in 2016 on Election Day, or night. I mean the time’s a little fuzzy to me but I remember we both felt like he had a real shot. I mean, you could just sort of feel it in the air. But these polls, the polls were so doomsday as far as the Republican scenario was going to go. And then yet again, it happened all over again. I think that all the polls were betting so hard against him. And what I would say, we’ll see how this all shakes out in the coming days. But regardless of what happens, it’s clear that polls are wrong, the media is wrong, and there is a part of America that wants and needs to be heard, am I right?   Sean Spicer:                Absolutely, and that the thing is that they’re underrepresenting. And this is what happens when you go into a poll it’s all about the screen. It’s, OK, making sure that you have enough different people and types represented that give you your statistical sample. The problem is that if you don’t represent if there’s an upsurge – in Trump’s case with rural voters – and you’re not seeing that, then you’re going to underplay that. And you’re going to get a skewed result. So the problem is again, 90% of this is coming back to this idea of not being willing to look deeper than the obvious.   Trish Regan:               That’s putting it quite well. Any sense of what really is going to happen now? I mean, they’ve got to go back and count all these mail-in ballots and in Pennsylvania, they’re going to be counting them it sounds like for days.   Sean Spicer:                Well, I think that’s it, right? So Pennsylvania’s the big prize right now and I think that’s going to be hotly contested but then I think you’re going to see Michigan and Wisconsin and even Arizona –  there’s a lot of people going back and recounting Arizona right now. And look, the Trump campaign is arguing that there’s enough out there. I don’t know that that’s the case or not, we’re going to find out more in the next probably couple hours… days… that whether or not there’s enough, but the bottom line is that I don’t think we’re going to have a hard answer for at least 24, 48 hours. And that would on the soonest because again, there’s enough out.   But I’ll tell you when you start hearing stories about 100,000 ballots being found for Joe Biden and all of them went for him, none of them went for Trump, none of them went for a third candidate party candidate. You’ve got to start to say to yourself what is going on?   Trish Regan:               Yeah, do you worry about that?   Sean Spicer:                Of course I worry about that. Well, it’s not tamper – I mean, I don’t want to over-hype this. But I think that there’s a lot of questions when suddenly you see, for example, last night in Philadelphia… them just stop counting. And there’s a lack of transparency in saying “OK, why is this happening? Why are you not counting at all?”   Trish Regan:               I’d like to know, or Georgia, right? They said something about a leaking pipe [laughs] in one polling center. So they had to stop, I’m like “come on, guys, suck it up, it’s like the presidential election,” right? Like this only happens every four years and this one’s pretty historic.   Sean Spicer:                But not just that but here’s the thing that I find funny. And this is sort of like this is always is like the Big Tech stuff that I cover in the book. Every time there’s a problem in Big Tech with censorship, it’s against the Right. It’s always against the Right and they always say it’s just a mistake and move on. But it never is against the Left. Well listen, last night when you look at these instances of where the votes are having problems, where they’re coming – how come all of them favor Biden? I mean doesn’t it [laughs] it’s just and no one sort of questions them and says, “Wow, you’re right.” It doesn’t make sense.   Trish Regan:               Very, very well put. His book is Leading America: President Trump’s Commitment to People, Patriotism, and Capitalism. His show is Spicer & Co., every night on Newsmax, 6 p.m., and, yes, you can occasionally see me there as well. Always happy to help. And his Twitter is @SeanSpicer. Sean, very good to talk to you, such interesting’s insight. We’ll keep watching as the days move forward.   Sean Spicer:                Thanks, Trish, I appreciate it, and thanks for always coming on Spicer and Company. It’s always a great treat for the guests to get your insight on these key issues.   Trish Regan:               Any time, any time, thanks.   [Music playing].   Trish Regan:               Well, you know we’ve had some good news for our economy, 33.1% annualized growth in the last quarter. I will take it, thank you very much, that was 7.4% higher than the previous quarter. And you know what? As long as we can open up and kind of go back to life as normal as possible, we’re going to be alright. But the threat, of course, is that the Democrats will shut us down all over again. And this is in part what we saw being reflected in some of the numbers as they came in in last night’s election. I’m so happy to have here with me right now Andy Puzder, he’s the former CEO of CKE Restaurants. You know, Hardee’s, Carl’s Jr. He’s also the author of Getting America Back to Work. He’s a good friend of mine and I’m always happy to talk to you, Andy, welcome.   And I want your reaction right now to what we’re seeing. And I realize things are very fluid and things could change by the time this airs later today. But tell me your thoughts on what is currently in the works as far as who’s going to take this.   Andy Puzder:              Well, there’s still a path for President Trump to win. He’s got to win Georgia and if he could win Nevada and Georgia, I think that gets him to 270. If he can get Michigan, he can get up to 280. But it’s narrowing, it’s a tough – it’s going to tough for him now, particularly with all this late counting of ballots coming in. I think the Left was much more on top of this mail-in balloting fiasco than the Republicans were. And so we’re going to have to wait and see. But hopefully, the Republicans will keep the Senate – looks like they’re going to make some gains in the House and keep control of the Senate. And that will put a stopper on what a potential President Biden would be able to do. But what a loss for the country if President Trump doesn’t win this. It’s a tremendous, tremendous setback.   Trish Regan:               How do you think people will feel? He’s had such a powerful base, right? And people have been so motivated I think in ways that we haven’t seen. Look, just the numbers alone, the sheer numbers of Americans that voted. They’re saying that this may have been the most that they’ve seen in roughly 100 years in terms of participation rate. I mean, I think that’s kind of cool, regardless of what side of the aisle you’re on. We’re seeing people really embrace their civic duty if you will. And I don’t know under a Joe Biden presidency if you really have that same kind of enthusiasm.   Andy Puzder:              Yeah, that clearly there isn’t the enthusiasm for Biden that there was for Trump. But unfortunately, there was enthusiasm against him too, many people were very opposed to what he was doing. And I think they blame it on his personality but I mean you know the president. The president’s actually a very good guy… I think that a lot of the criticism was media-generated. Some of it he did to himself, he speaks out too much sometimes. But look, he’s been defending himself since the day he took office from attacks from all sides, very powerful people attacking him. And I don’t know how you put up with that kind of attack.   He’s a tough guy, I’m hopeful that the country can stay on track because he’s certainly got it on track. Not only in economically but with respect to world events, peace in the middle east, getting China more in line, protecting our national security and our economy. It’s he’s got us on the right track on so many things. I just hope even if he doesn’t prevail that a President Biden wouldn’t get us dramatically off track.   Trish Regan:               Let me ask you about that because I share similar concerns. Obviously, on the economic front, you’ve known me a long time and I am a red-blooded American capitalist who actually does worry, nonetheless, I mean the limits of capitalism come into play when you look at the global economy, right? And our relationship with China. So I’ve got some concerns about that but let me first, and you of all people are very familiar with that. But first, on the international front, Iran. So much of what this administration has done has been pretty powerful in terms of tempering Iran. And so rather than the Iran deal, right? That was courtesy of Biden and Obama – you have really seen Iran restricted through sanctions. We’ve got alliances that have been formed with Israel and UAE and Bahrain and Sudan.   And look, I wouldn’t be surprised if this administration was able to continue even seeing an alliance between Saudi Arabia and Israel. And so what happens if he’s got – if the Senate stays Republican if the Senate stays conservative but you have Joe Biden in office. How does that affect our international standing?   Andy Puzder:              Well, the president really has far more authority than Congress when it comes to international affairs. So it could have a very negative impact. Joe Biden has been very consistently wrong with respect to his approach to foreign policy. And in fact, what President Trump did was a reversal not only of what Biden had advocated for his 47 years in office but also what John Kerry and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama advocated. He didn’t lead from behind. He allowed the military to defeat Isis in Iraq and Syria. And then he moved our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem which many presidents have promised but only President Trump had the courage to do. And he took out Soleimani, he took out somebody that was a real terrorist and an enemy of the United States and of peace in the region.   And I think that it set Iran back. He also increased the sanctions, let them know that we weren’t going to put up with their deception and deceit that the way that Biden and Obama had in order to try and get some kind of a peace treaty before they left office. So if Joe Biden backs off on any of that if he advised President Obama not to take out Osama Bin Laden. I don’t think he would have had the courage to take out Soleimani. I’m sure he would not have moved the embassy. I’m sure he would have waited until there was some kind of agreement with the Palestinians to try and make peace with other nations in the region. The President Trump didn’t do that and he was more successful than any president since Jimmy Carter in bringing about any kind of peace into the region.   So hopefully, Joe Biden will see what Trump did and understand why it was successful. I’m not optimistic that he will be able to do that. But I’m hopeful that he will be able to do that. Go to Joe Biden’s website – everything on Joe Biden’s website is another government program, an increase in taxes, he would do everything he possibly could to expand the influence and presence of the federal government in our lives and in our businesses. That’s always a negative for the economy. Even under good circumstances that will stagnate the economy which is basically what happened under Barack Obama. The economy was going south during his first two years in office, before the Republicans took the House of Representatives back and curtailed his more aggressive policy initiatives such as Obamacare and Dodd-Frank which really had serious negative impacts for the economy.   And I think Biden will try and pursue those kinds of policies but he’ll be restricted by the fact that his party may not control the Senate. He will, however, be able to do things in the regulatory realm. There’s really four legs to the Trump economic policy and that’s tax cuts, slashing regulations, focusing on domestic energy, and entering into trade agreements that are fair to American business and workers, and getting rid of the ones that were unfair to them. I think with Joe Biden you’re going to find a meaningful increase in regulation which will be bad for business and economic growth. He’s made it very clear that he’s going to do everything he can to make it so we’re no longer energy-independent. He’s going to try and transfer from our reliance on our domestic petroleum products to these fanciful types of energy production which are not going to be successful, at least not in the short range.   And his history on trade agreements is awful. It’s not good at all. So I’m concerned that even with control of the Senate in the hands of the Republicans that Biden will do some damage to the economy. I think the stock market this morning is reacting to the fact that it looks like the Republicans are going to keep the Senate because it will limit the damage he’s able to inflict.   Trish Regan:               Yeah, I mean that had been talked about by some strategists I had heard behind the scenes at one point after the debate where the president – I joke that I mean, hey, if you have to go up against Joe Biden and Chris Wallace together, I’d be a little irritable too. But nonetheless, after that particular debate there were some that were strategizing, well, maybe we just really need to make a play for the Senate as opposed to such a play for Trump. I think that would have been probably a poor thing to do only because this president, like him or not, really generates some enthusiasm among the base.   And so if you wanted to keep the Senate you kind of needed that enthusiasm going hand in hand with the candidate that was for president. And, yes, so it looks like the Republicans will keep the Senate, therefore, that limits any kind of perhaps tax increases that would be problematic corporate wise and individual wise you think, Andy?   Andy Puzder:              Yeah, I don’t think if we keep the Senate it’s going to be very difficult for him to implement the kind of horrific tax policy that he’s been pursuing. Particularly now I was reading the information for the real impact of the tax cuts and jobs act and I have an article out on Fox Business last week on this. But if you look at the numbers from 2018, for example, which are the most current numbers we have. The top 1% of taxpayers under the tax cuts and jobs act actually paid $16 billion more in taxes. And as you noted in a tweet of that article, everybody else – the other 99% – paid $80 billion less in taxes. So that’s not the way to – the Democrats have been characterizing what would happen under the tax cuts and jobs act. But is in fact what happened and I think it will give Republicans in the Senate a strong argument to prevent any further erosion of that tax plan.   Trish Regan:               Andy, the Democrats have always labeled Republicans as being the party of big business and big money. But I was looking through the money that was spent and it really seems as though most of the money was coming from the Left, Right, and you had, what? 800 bundlers that raised $100,000 each, working for Joe Biden? A lot of people in the Hollywood entertainment industry, a lot of people in finance. I wonder if that’s really started to shift because it feels like the party of Trump really isn’t about big business, in the same way, I think that Republicans have been sort of tarred and feathered for that in the past.   I get the sense that it’s more about sort of small business and really making sure that if it is about big business, right? That those big businesses keep the jobs here to benefit Americans. How do you think that this characterization of the big money Republicans is really going to start to shift and change as we get more evidence of what actually went down, spending-wise by the Dems?   Andy Puzder:              Well, it should shift completely. Because you’ve really got the Wall Street billionaire class, the tech-industry billionaire class, and the Hollywood-industry billionaire class that finance Joe Biden’s campaign. There were not a lot of small donors, they were all these big donors. And they really financed his ability to run ads across the United States, leading up to the election. So and then if you look at the results of the Trump presidency back in 2019, as you know, median family income increased more than it had ever increased and to a higher amount, $68,700. And poverty dropped to an all-time low, a 70-year low. They started keeping track of the data 70 years ago and it – I guess 1959 would be 60 years ago. But in any event, they – it dropped it 10.5% which is the lowest it’s ever been and had the biggest drop ever in income inequality decreased two years in a row, 2018 and 2019.   So you really saw the benefits of Trump’s economic policies going to working class, middle class, blue color workers, you didn’t see really the benefits inuring to people at the top of the income scale. The stock market did very well because the economy was doing very well. But Trump’s policies really were intended to benefit ordinary Americans, they did benefit ordinary Americans and a lot of the globalists. A lot of these people have investments all around the world in this globalist economy that really was detrimental to American workers and smaller American businesses is something that the Democrats are very much behind. And I think that will come to the fore in a Biden administration and when people look at how this election was funded.   Trish Regan:               Andy, what your sense now if the president is not successful, what happens to his base? How does the Republican party continue to court them to keep them motivated to go out two years from now and four years from now? And do you think President Trump stays active?   Andy Puzder:              I think President Trump will stay active. I know he’s obviously never going to run – I don’t think he’s every ever going to run for office again. But I think he will remain active in – because he really is at heart very concerned about the American people and that’s not going to fade. His energy will continue to be directed toward trying to advance the interests of America’s workers and America’s middle class. I think his base will be energized, I think in many instances people feel like the president was ganged up on, that he’s their guy and you found the media all over him, the D.C. establishment, the swamp all over him, Hollywood all over him. All the institutions that the Left has taken over over the past 20 or 30 years were aligned against the president.   And I think it made many of his supporters very upset and, hopefully, over the next two to four years the American people who found it necessary to vote for Joe Biden for whatever reason they determined that was necessary will realize that the policies that he’s advancing are not in their best interests. And that hopefully, we’ll find a candidate that can do what President Trump did and get back in office and try and get the country back on track again.   Trish Regan:               Well, we should still caution that it’s not over until it’s over. And there’s a lot of checking that needs to happen and a lot of votes that still need to be counted. So we’ll see how it all goes over the next couple days. But I have a feeling you’re right, I think he’ll stay very active and I think that that base is going to be motivated no matter what. Because once you’ve seen Paris as they say, once you’ve had a taste of what could be and that economic success it’s hard to turn your back on that. Andy, thank you so much. I want to encourage everybody to follow you on Twitter and to get your new book. It is wonderful talking to you today, Getting America Back to Work is Andy’s book. You can follow him on Twitter @andypuzder, good to talk to you, sir.   Andy Puzder:              Great talking to you, Trish. And best of luck with the show, you do a great job.   Trish Regan:               Thank you.   [Music playing].   Trish Regan:               There are a lot of questions right now everybody as to what exactly happened last night as far as all that vote counting? I mean, how do you suddenly stop counting votes in Georgia? Everybody needs to go home at 10:30? What’s that about? Joining me right now is somebody who’s asking a lot of questions, none other than the tremendous host of America First on the Salem Radio Network, Dr. Sebastian Gorka. Dr. Gorka, Seb, good to have you here.   Sebastian Gorka:        Great to be with you, Trish, and thank you so much for being my newest regular on my show, America First. God bless you and your listeners.   Trish Regan:               I love your show. I’m just going to say that, I love the show. You know I love you, and I love your listeners because they’re so passionate. And when I’ve had the rare opportunity to jump in your seat when you’ve been gone I just love talking to them. Seb Gorka is the former deputy assistant to Donald Trump. He’s also on the National Security Education Board, you can follow him as I said @sebgorka. OK, so what do we think in terms of all this? Because you’ve got news organizations calling states before hardly any of the vote is in.   You’ve got Georgia shutting down their process in the evening and I mean to me, you kind of suck it up, right? Like this thing only happens every four years and this is a pretty historic election so why wouldn’t you keep counting through the night? What’s your take?   Sebastian Gorka:        Well, it’s incredibly peculiar. I think as an immigrant to this country, the greatest nation on God’s earth, I think I’ve been teleported to Kazakhstan or some third-world banana republic. How can it be? And this is what your listeners need to focus on, how can it be that in four crucial battleground states run by Democrats last night in the middle of the returns being posted the Democrat controllers of those states said we are going to stop counting votes for the time being. Or we’ve put 12 men on the moon, but Pennsylvania can’t count votes after 9:30? It stinks to high heaven. And in places where the president was winning there is a saying attributed, maybe apocryphally to Stalin it’s not how many votes you win, it’s who counts the votes.   And I assure you right now the longer this is allowed to be pulled out, to be stretched out by the Biden campaign, the greater the chances of the president’s winning lead in those four states being undermined because they will keep counting votes until they magically find enough “mail-in ballots” for Beijing Biden. And then the election will have been stolen not from the president, from – but from the American people. So the question now is the following: Does the president and the campaign, do they have better tougher lawyers than the Democrats? And does the GOP have the – how should I put this politely? Do they have the testicular fortitude to fight this fight?   Trish Regan:               [Laughs], I don’t know. I mean but it does feel very banana republic-like. I think that’s a really interesting analogy and observation. And strange that it’s happening here. But by the way, the Supreme Court, if you go to Pennsylvania, didn’t they say that they could count them days after the fact? And by the way, they don’t even have to be signed, they don’t even have to have a clear postmark by a certain day? That kind of makes me nervous.   Sebastian Gorka:        Not only that, you have these unilateral decisions by Democrat governors and state secretaries and attorneys general such as the Butcher of Richmond, Ralph Northam, who said for the first time in the history of the United States for the first time in the history of the Commonwealth, mail-in ballots do not have to have the signature of the voter verified against their signature on the voter rolls. Now, just stop for a second, Trish. In what world is that a good-faith measure? In what scenario is not checking the signatures of a mail-in ballot a good thing that will prevent voter fraud? If you go right now, we’re old school, we remember what these things are. We still have checkbooks, if you go to the bank and try and cash a check, guess what?   The bank will have to verify your signature against the record of your signature when you opened that account. But for the most sacred responsibility we have as Americans choosing our leaders, you don’t have to verify the signature of the American voter? There’s only one reason you do that, you do that because you want to steal the election.   Trish Regan:               I don’t understand it, I mean I really, to your point, it’s so, so basic. We’re talking with Sebastian Gorka, he is the host of America First on the Salem Radio Network. You can listen to him every single day on the Salem Radio Network from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., Eastern. Also online at What happens, Seb, if in fact they’re able to pull this off and they somehow mysteriously come forward with thousands and hundreds of thousands of Biden votes at the 11th hour and Biden winds up in the Oval Office? Talk to me about what happens to all these people that worked so hard to see their president get another four years?   Because they’re going to feel pretty disenfranchised. How can we all look out for them? I mean I think it’s looking out for the country but also making sure that people still have a voice in all this?   Sebastian Gorka:        I’m not going to go there. I’m not going to talk about the scenario of a man who is literally in the pocket of communist China that we now have the e-mails from his son from his partners in their business getting cuts of millions of dollars with shady deals with the National Bank of Communist China and $3.5 million from the corrupt former mayor of Moscow. Everybody who is sentient  –  has a pulse and is breathing and has a modicum of common sense – knows that a Biden presidency would be disastrous. Not because of Biden… Biden is senile, he’s a cipher, he’s a cardboard cutout.   But you would have handed over the executive to a radicalized political party that believes that 30 million illegal immigrants should be given amnesty, that taxpayers should provide taxpayer funded health care to illegal immigrants, that we should keep giving billions of dollars to Iran, like the JCPOA Iran deal under Obama, despite the fact that it’s the largest state sponsored terrorism. So we know what it means.   Trish Regan:               How do we make sure that it doesn’t happen again? In other words, you’re going to have a Congressional election now in two years and there’s going to be another presidential election in four more years. And Donald Trump has really looked out for the American people in a way that I have not seen. I mean both parties have been so, if you would, embedded with the corporate elites. Just look at the money, the money that was poured into Joe Biden’s campaign – 800 bundlers at $100,000 each – all from Wall Street, all from Hollywood. You’ve got Big Media, Big Tech,  Hollywood, Wall Street, all banking on the Left right now.   But previously they used to kind of spread around the wealth, so to speak, in both parties. But no one in that group has liked Donald Trump because he’s willing to go tell them all to take a hike. I mean it’s so important that we have that kind of independence, right? In anyone who’s a leader.   Sebastian Gorka:        Look, we have to fight like our lives depend upon it. We have to have the toughest, the best lawyers deployed across the country to fight these battles so the elections not stolen from the American people and that the president is reinstated as sworn in again for his second term. But what happens in the broader context in the years to come? Look, we have a very exciting challenge now. If you look at the breakdown of voting in key places whether it’s Pennsylvania, Arizona, or Florida, the president has broken the system. If you look at his popularity amongst Black voters, if you look especially amongst the Latino, Hispanic voters of Florida, the old tribes, the political plantation created by the Democrat party has been broken.   We are seeing remarkable figures, we are seeing voting for a Republican candidate, for a Republican president from minorities that we have never, ever seen before. We have to build a new Republican party that is inclusive and that totally rejects the racial identity politics of the modern Democrat party. If we do that, then we have a chance to save this Republic from those who would destroy it, Trish.   Trish Regan:               Very, very well put, Seb. And you’re so right. And you look at Miami-Dade County and the thought he’ll never get anywhere with Hispanics in Miami-Dade County. And, wow, did he prove them wrong. In fact, if you look at all groups, in fact, he actually did a little less than they expected with white men. He did better than expected with women, with African Americans, with Hispanics, hey, he has broken the system. That’s well-put, sir. And it’s worth building upon because that’s some real momentum. Seb Gorka, thank you, host of Americ First. Make sure you listen to him every day, 3 p.m. You can even catch me there once in a while on the Salem Radio Network with Seb.   Actually, on Fridays, we love talking economic stuff. Former deputy assistant to Donald Trump, part of the National Security Education Board now, you can follow him on Twitter @SebGorka. And you can read his pieces in American Consequences. Thank you, Seb.   Sebastian Gorka:        God bless you and your listeners, thank you, and look forward to having you on the show on Friday.   [Music playing].   Trish Regan:               The biggest takeaway from all of this I think is that the Left should not be considering this a victory lap in any way, shape, or form. It was not a victory lap. This was not a blue wave by any stretch of the imagination. We’ll see in the coming days whether or not they’re successful in the Oval Office. But it looks like Republicans will keep the Senate and no matter how you slice it, half the country voted for Donald Trump. Half the country really likes Donald Trump. And half the country’s not OK with being told that they’re racist because they like his policies. This whole pointing the finger at and sort of demonizing anybody on the Right has got to stop.   And this should be a wake-up call to everyone who labels themselves blue and thinks that they can look at the rest of the world through their version of virtue and their version of what is right or wrong. I will see you tomorrow on Trish Intel, my daily podcast right back here with you next week on American Consequences. And, hopefully, we have a lot more information to go on than in the meantime you can read my work in and at I’ll see you tomorrow and next week.   [Music playing].   Male 1:                       Thank you for listening to this episode of American Consequences With Trish Regan. For more of Trish and to read the magazine visit and enter your e-mail for special access. We’d love to hear from you too, send Trish a note, [email protected]. This broadcast is for entertainment purposes only and should not be considered personalized investment advice. Trading stocks and all other financial instruments involves risk. You should not make any investment decision based solely on what you hear.   American Consequences With Trish Regan is produced by Stansberry Research and American Consequences and is copyrighted by the Stansberry Radio Network.   [End of Audio]  

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