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Recount? Conservatives not giving up

Episode #9  |  November 11th, 2020
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In This Episode:

It’s not over yet! While mainstream media sources love to tell you that the election results have been called, Trish and special guest Ned Ryun break down the next steps for Trump’s campaign. Then, KT McFarland, former deputy national security advisor to Donald Trump, calls for open ears from Democrats as the election results continue to divide the country. And has any voter fraud happened before? Sean Parnell, Republican Candidate for the 17th Congressional District of Pennsylvania, recounts his own experience with vote counting.


KT McFarland

Author & Former Deputy National Security Advisor to Donald Trump
Kathleen Troia "KT" McFarland was President Trump’s first Deputy National Security Advisor, starting with the Trump Tower Transition and through the early months of the Administration. She also chaired the interagency Deputies’ Committee, which brings together government departments and agencies to make policy recommendations to the President. She initiated the Trump Administration’s reassessment of a range of national security issues, beginning with North Korea and China. Prior to her role in the Trump White House, KT was FOX News' National Security Analyst from 2010-2016 and appeared regularly on FOX and FOX Business News programs. Previously, Ms. McFarland held national security posts in the Nixon, Ford and Reagan Administrations as an aide to Dr. Henry Kissinger, member of the Senate Armed Services Committee Staff, Senior Speechwriter to Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger and later Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense and Pentagon spokesman.

Ned Ryun

CEO of American Majority & Voter Gravity & Senior Fellow at American Greatness
Ned Ryun is a grassroots and conservative activism expert. He is the founder and CEO of American Majority, a non-partisan political training institute whose mission is to identify and mold the next wave of liberty-minded candidates, grassroots activists and community leaders. Since its founding in January of 2008, while under Ryun’s leadership, American Majority has trained nearly 48,000 candidates and activists and a former writer for President George W. Bush.

Sean Parnell

Republican Candidate for the 17th Congressional District of Pennsylvania
Decorated Combat Veteran, NYT Best Selling Author, Father, Leader, Republican Candidate for the 17th Congressional District of Pennsylvania


Announcer:                 This is American Consequences With Trish Regan, a view of things you won’t get anywhere else. Trish talks the Fed, the White House, and the world like no one. The biggest guests and best analysis starts right now. Here’s Trish Regan.   Trish Regan:               Wow. One week later, here we are and no real, clear, definitive answer. I mean, I know the media wants you to think one thing, but you’ve got lawsuits being filed, you’ve got four states that are still not entirely definitive, and there are some expectations that this thing could go all the way to the Supreme Court, so why’s the media in such a hurry? This is American Consequences With Trish Regan. I am Trish Regan, and we have a terrific show here for you today. We have my good friend, Ned Ryun, CEO of American Majority. He is one of the best grassroots activism experts, and he has his finger on the pulse of what’s going on all over America right now. We have K.T. McFarland, former deputy national security advisor to Donald Trump. She’s held national security posts in the Nixon, Ford, and Reagan administrations. She was an aide to Dr. Henry Kissinger. K.T. is very familiar with the landscape of what is happening from a policy perspective all around the world and what a fragile position the United States of America currently is in. And we have none other than Sean Parnell, decorated combat veteran, New York Times best-selling author. He is the Republican candidate for 17th congressional district of Pennsylvania, and he’s not giving up. He’s not giving up against Connor Lamb. He refuses to concede, and you’re going to hear why. There’s all kinds of crazy stuff happening in Pennsylvania, and Sean has a window into all of it, so let’s get started today. I going to bring on Ned Ryun from American Majority. Welcome. Good to have you here, sir.   Ned Ryun:                   Good to be with you, Trish. Interesting times we live in.   Trish Regan:               Interesting times indeed. So what’s your take on it? I mean, here we are a week later, and you’ve got the Trump campaign filing lawsuits, there are a lot of allegations out there. What do you think really happened?   Ned Ryun:                   Well, I’m going to start with some high-level stuff, and then I’ll drill down on some of the states. First of all, France outlawed mail-in ballots 45 years ago, universal mail-in ballots. There’s a reason that highly advanced, civilized countries don’t do this to themselves… because France realized that mail-in voting is rife with fraud. We have done this to ourselves. And I would also ask people if you think there is a confluence of statistical impossibilities, your common sense should tell you something’s not quite right. That’s all to say we are a week after the election, we still don’t have a definitive answer despite some of these corporate media heads declaring Joe Biden the winner. Trish, I told the White House you have really about until middle of December if you really look at when the electors are appointed and the safe harbor week, it’s really about December 14th to pursue every legal option in front of you. I’ve encouraged them to take every day and make the most of it so that no stone is left unturned. That’s all to say we all know it’s coming down to about five or six different states that have shown a very weird series of events. I’ll start with Pennsylvania. I mean, the Trump campaign has filed a lawsuit in which they have challenged almost 700,000 mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania alone. And I would remind people, one of the laws that was absolutely abused in Pennsylvania is absentee ballots are not meant to be universal. You’re supposed to actually legally make a case why you would be absent and not be able to vote in person. That, of course, was viewed more as a suggestion in Pennsylvania. So they’re trying to see if they can get these votes thrown out. It’s a stretch. I will tell you this, I’m very realistic about this, Trish, where once some of these votes get baked in, so to speak, it’s very hard to uncook the cake. And I think the play right now in Pennsylvania especially, and in Wisconsin, because so many of these votes have been comingled that you don’t know which ones are which and it’s really hard to unwind, their only really strong shot at doing this is not a recount, it’s not even audit or hand count. It’s to get the Supreme Court to say because this has become such a cluster and we cannot unwind it, we’re going to have to actually have a revote. That is highly unusual though, Trish, for the Supreme Court to actually say we’re going to have a revote, but I know that’s what the Trump campaign is aiming for in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. I would also remind people Arizona is still not over. There are still votes being counted. It’s insane. But I would also remind people, too, unlike many other states, Arizona has a unique recount rule in which it has to be a difference of a tenth of a point for there to be an automatic recount, which means Trump’s down to I think about a 3,300 or 3,500 vote difference. At the same time, just having an automatic recount doesn’t really do anything. Most of the time, it only changes a few hundred votes. The Trump campaign has to push for a hand count and audit of all the ballots that are being counted in these states. But there are a couple other states, too. In Georgia and Michigan, now we’re seeing affidavits, Trish, where I thought one of the more stunning ones from an affidavit yesterday was an actual poll worker saying there were tens of thousands of ballots that showed up at 4 a.m., were brought in the back door, were delivered by cars with out-of-state licenses, and five out of every six votes was going for Joe Biden. I mean, there’s a lot of things –   Trish Regan:               OK, so let’s – I’m going to stop you because you have so much information packed in here, Ned, and this is why I love you. But I want to drill down into some of these specifics. And so as you were speaking, I’m here taking notes. You just brought up something that you brought up earlier on, and I want to get back to it: statistical improbabilities. Tell me about that. I mean, how is it that all the mail-in ballots are suddenly for one side?   Ned Ryun:                   Yeah, and all the computer glitches. I mean, this is the other thing too with the Dominion voting system… apparently all the glitches went in Biden’s favor. I think that’s something. I know that people are being interviewed by DHS right now about the Dominion voting system, and I just tweeted a link why the state of Texas rejected the Dominion voting system.   Trish Regan:               You can find him on Twitter, by the way everyone, @nedryun. I encourage you to follow him @nedryun. You tweeted out that link, you said. So all the glitches, they’re going to Biden’s favor. Every single one of them that we know of thus far from Dominion?   Ned Ryun:                   I would say the overwhelming majority – and it’s not like 50%, 60%… It’s like somewhere around 90% – are in Biden’s favor. So I think we’ve got to look at that. We’ve got to get answers. The other thing too, I mean, it’s one of those things where I also ask people when it comes down to common sense. So ask yourself if you truly believe as I do that the Democrats weaponized the surveillance state and law enforcement, that the mainstream media pushed a conspiracy theory for four years about Russian collusion, do you really think it’s past them that they wouldn’t attempt some systemic voter fraud? I would put the possibilities at 99.99% to 100%. And this is why I’m encouraging the White House to do this. It’s not even necessarily about Trump, Trish. This is about the American people having a system they can actually trust because I think what we’ve seen over the last four years especially is people losing trust in their institutions. And if we can’t trust that the electoral process is something that we consider valid, this is the dangerous part to me, Trish. Regardless of how this election turns out, unless we have real transparency and get down to the bottom of it, regardless of who wins, half the country is going to think this election was stolen.   Trish Regan:               No, I’m with you on that. You’ve got nearly 71 million people, by the way, that are sort of being told to not only just take a hike but be ashamed of whom they voted for. You’ve got the mainstream media out there calling it. Let me get back before I get to that with you though, Ned. You mentioned December 14th as being a critical time. You told the White House you guys have until mid-December. What is magic about mid-December?   Ned Ryun:                   Well, OK, electors are chosen, obviously, by the various states. The first week of December, they’ve been chosen, they vote, there’s a safe harbor week that ends on December 14th, basically to have a week to vote and for their votes to be in – the electors that are appointed by the various states as per the Constitution. So December 14th is when the electors are supposed to have actually voted on the president. So that’s why I keep on telling people there is no president-elect. That doesn’t happen until the middle of December when the electors have actually cast their votes. So they always give themselves a safe harbor week, which ends December 14th. And so again, take every day, every week, make the most of it. Challenge everything. And if nothing else, I’ve told the White House, too, even if for some reason Donald Trump is not able to pull this out and flip some of these states and actually get to the bottom, get some of these which I think are fraudulent votes thrown out, his last gift to the American people should be a transparent process which we can say, OK, we now trust the election. We think that every legal vote has been counted in a trustworthy and transparent way. And I even told him he should look at the camera and go, “Listen, this is my last gift to you. Now I’m going to go back to making obscene amounts of money.” God bless you, go in peace.   Trish Regan:               But does he really go back to business as usual? You know, a lot of people are saying if he does not pull this off… get ready, 2024 is in the works. And I could see that happening. I really could because I don’t think there’s anyone in the Republican Party right now that has his kind of je ne sais quoi. Call it what you want, but he’s basically sucking all the oxygen out of the room. Even Mitt Romney admitted this is the 800-pound gorilla. People are still going to pay attention to what he says. He’s still a leader, so where does he go?   Ned Ryun:                   I’m going to advocate, and again, I don’t want to even start talking about this till we absolutely know with certainty that there’s no other options. If for some reason, God forbid, he can’t pull out the win, he starts his own shadow party. I mean, he literally could do a shadow party, whether it’s communications, whether it’s fundraising, whether it’s grassroots, whether it’s a TV channel, legal arm, or opposition research. He can do all of that because Donald Trump’s not going away. In fact, I made this point on a TV show last week, Tucker Carlson, which I said, listen, these people are delusional if they think that somehow 70 million-plus people are just going to disappear because they somehow took out Donald Trump in what is perceived to be a fraudulent election. They’re not going away. Trump knows that, I know that. There’s real political muscle here, and Donald Trump’s not going to recede into the background. He will be a kingmaker for years to come if he doesn’t run.   Trish Regan:               I mean, they’re trying. The mainstream media is definitely trying. You’ve got the guy on CNN – Tapper – who’s trying to say, look, you’ve got to think about how a future employer might consider this. I mean, we’re talking 71 million people. You can’t have an opinion? You can’t have voted for the other side in CNN’s world? And you look at whether it’s Fox News or MSNBC or AP, all of these big news organizations, Ned, they’re calling the election despite the fact that it’s contested, despite the fact that you have these lawsuits. I mean, this seems to me to be one of those situations where you want to be right as opposed to early. Your take.   Ned Ryun:                   They’re trying to set a narrative. They’re trying to harden a narrative in which, regardless of how some of these lawsuits turn out, the narrative has become so hardened that the American people think it’s a done deal, that Joe Biden’s the president no matter what. And they’re trying to get people to shut up. I mean, there are a lot of different things that I could go through, whether it was the suppression polls, whether it’s this narrative, basically, OK, shut up and move on. I’m like, you guys had four years to push a conspiracy theory. I think we could take four weeks to actually dig through some of this stuff because of the importance. I mean, it’s pretty crazy, Trish. I’ve been seeing people on Twitter going, “I voted for Joe Biden. If I had known he was talking about a national lockdown, I would never have voted for him.” I’m thinking, well, he did talk about it… But this is the problem. The media really didn’t highlight some of his policies.   Trish Regan:               Yeah. No, this is crazy stuff. Very quickly, before I let you go, and just a reminder everybody, this is Ned Ryun, CEO of American Majority. He has his finger on the pulse of what’s really going on, especially at a grassroots level. You should follow him on Twitter @nedryun, R-Y-U-N. And, Ned, Supreme Court, does it get that far?   Ned Ryun:                   I think it does. The question is will they actually push for a revote, and I’ve got to tell you, I think it’s probably 50-50 at best that the Supreme Court would actually tell Pennsylvania and Wisconsin for sure, but maybe one or two other states, that you’ll have to actually do a revote. There is time for that, but it would have to move quickly and it would have to be done probably in the first week of December. But I’d put that at probably 50-50 at best, Trish, and this is the burden of proof the Trump campaign has to bring before them. It’s a revote. It’s actually going and saying we’re going to revote in these targeted states because so many of what we consider illegitimate votes have been comingled. We have to revote. That’s the only way we can get clarity.   Trish Regan:               OK, wow. Well, I think there’s one person that would like to see that who’s on the show today, and that’s Sean Parnell. He’s not conceding there for the 17th congressional district of Pennsylvania. Very slim margins with Connor Lamb trying to eke out a gain there. But again, Sean Parnell not conceding, maybe hoping for that revote that you’re talking about. Ned Ryun, thank you, sir. Appreciate your time today.   Ned Ryun:                   Absolutely. Thanks, Trish.   Trish Regan:               So a lot of questions right now as to what happens with this vote. Who will be the president, of course, this is being heavily contested by the Trump White House and by the GOP, with even Mitch McConnell coming out and saying he 100% has the right to do this and this is not something that should just be called by the big, wealthy media organizations. Someone who agrees with that is my next guest, K.T. McFarland. She was the president’s first deputy national security advisor. She was part of that transition team in the early months of the administration, and I’m so happy to have her with us right now. She is the author of the brand-new book Revolution: Trump, Washington and “We the People, which is available right now on Welcome former Deputy National Security Advisor K.T. McFarland.   K.T. McFarland:         Well, it’s wonderful to be with you on your podcast, Trish. Good for you.   Trish Regan:               Well, it’s great to talk to you as always. I love talking to you, K.T., because you have such a wealth of knowledge. I mean, going back to your work for Kissinger, just such a tremendous history both in our administration and as an advocate for the American people. So let’s talk about what’s really going on right now. You were part of the transition team there for Donald Trump. The Biden team is going nuts because they can’t get access to certain documentation and certain clearances from a national security perspective. Should they?   K.T. McFarland:         No, I mean, the election has been called by the media at the urging of Vice President Biden, but it has not been called legally by the states or by the Electoral College. And since there are so many issues outstanding, it doesn’t make sense to rush this. And here’s why, Trish. You know, half the country loves Donald Trump and hates Joe Biden, and the other half loves Joe Biden and hates Donald Trump. So we’re divided roughly 49-49, 49-51, whatever. We’re divided. And until the election is certified, why rush it? Because, let’s say, for example, that these appeals to the state governments, the attorney generals of a number of states have joined these lawsuits with the Justice Department to say that the election was rigged, it was stolen, there was malfeasance. Well, what happens if it turns out that Joe Biden didn’t win? Then you’ve got Joe Biden and all of his 50% of the country saying, well, we got robbed. And now, by Joe Biden declaring, well, I did win, you now have the other half of the country saying I got robbed. We need to just let the system work. The Constitution is prepared for this. We have legal remedies. All we need to do is wait another one or two weeks and the forensics experts will be involved, the cyber experts will be involved, and the judges will be involved. So let’s all take a deep, national breath and wait for the system to work rather than rushing ahead and the Biden people demanding access to certain documents and the Trump team saying no, you have no right to them. Why divide us even more? We’re already divided. Why stir the pot? Why poke the eye?   Trish Regan:               Right, right, I hear you. And yet, at the same time, K.T., there are those on the Left that, like Hillary Clinton, saying that this is a repudiation of Donald Trump. I mean, 71 million votes, nearly 71 million? Hardly, I’d say. And yet you’ve got the mainstream media right there with her, effectively trying to blacklist any former or current supporters of President Trump’s. You’ve got the CNN guy out there saying, you know, you really ought to think about how any future employers might consider your behavior during this time. You’ve got the Trump Accountability Project out there that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is pushing. I mean, I look at this and I say, wow, guys, you know what, this is half the country. You’re talking about the other point of view, another side to something. You’re not willing to listen, and you’re going to shut it down like that. I mean, you want to talk fascism?   K.T. McFarland:         You know, and it’s not just talk fascism and groupthink, but it’s – I think Americans – Republican, Democrat, hate Trump, love Trump, Biden – most agree that the country is really divided, and that’s our biggest problem right now is the division. So why stoke the division? If the Democrats really going to heal the nation, let every voice be heard. Let these legal processes play themselves out because they will. There will be a time limit to this. This doesn’t go on infinitely. And for the part of the country that says we’ve we’re drawing up lists, enemies lists, that we’re going to prosecute, that just makes what’s bad even worse, and there’s no need to rush it. There’s plenty of time. I’ve been on a transition. The Biden administration, if he does turn out to be the victor, the incoming Biden administration, most of those people have been in government a number of times before. They know how this works, they know exactly what to do. To not have an extra week or 10 days to get started, that’s not going to be a danger to anybody.   Trish Regan:               We’re talking with K.T. McFarland. Her Twitter handle, follow her there, is @realktmcfarland. She’s the author of the brand-new book, Revelation: Trump, Washington and “We the People. K.T. has just a wealth of experience. She had national security posts in the Nixon, Ford, and Reagan administrations. She was an aid to Dr. Henry Kissinger. You name it, K.T.’s seen it, she’s done it. So when we think, K.T., about what’s happening around the world right now, everybody’s watching us very carefully, including the likes of Iran, including the likes of China. Under a Biden administration – I’m just going to, you know, look, we’ll see how this all plays out, and I’m with you 1,000% and then some. We need to let this process play out. But you’ve got many people over there in Iran that are, you know, all excited at the idea that Joe Biden’s going to be back in charge because don’t forget it was the Obama-Biden White House that put in the Iran deal. Does that Iran deal come back?   K.T. McFarland:         I think it comes back in some form, and I think that’s a great shame because right now we have peace breaking out between the Sunni Arab states, the Gulf Arab states, and Israel, and why endanger that? For what? To just say I think Donald Trump was wrong, so therefore anything that he was in favor of, we’re not in favor of? Why not build on what Trump did? Trump has a major significant achievement in the Middle East. Even a lot of Democrats and pundits agree with that, so let that continue and then bring Iran into it, but don’t jeopardize that. And I would say similarly to China. Don’t jeopardize the fact that we’ve got China, that the Trump administration has stood up to China and gotten some very favorable agreements from China. Don’t jeopardize that.   Trish Regan:               But how much pressure do you think is there on Joe Biden from, you know, big corporate America that wants to be doing deals in China, and from those that, you know, for whatever reason, and their vision of the world perhaps is just not aligned with mine, their vision of the world is that Iran should really be in charge in that neck of the woods and needs to have a bigger voice and more power overseas. How important are these factions right now and how much is Joe Biden listening?   K.T. McFarland:         I think he particularly listens to the China faction and the U.S. businessmen and the Wall Street billionaires who’ve gotten very rich on the China trade. But they’ve gotten rich really selling the patrimony of the United States, selling the intellectual property rights of American corporations, looking in the other direction when China demands unequal trade agreements with the United States, unequal investment opportunities. And as a result, you know, some people got very rich on this, but it hollowed out the manufacturing base in the United States. And as we look forward, what goes on next is China has every intention of replacing the United States as the dominant world power and then rewriting the rules of global investment, global trade where China’s in charge, China dictates to other countries how they conduct their foreign policy, how they conduct their economic policy, and China makes no secret of this. They are doing it openly. And what I find is a great tragedy is they’re doing it openly with the cooperation of a lot of American businessmen and corporate leaders, and those leaders are the major donors to Joe Biden’s campaign in addition to the connection that I find very suspicious between Joe Biden’s son and the Chinese government.   Trish Regan:               Sure. I mean, and that came out at the tail end of the campaign but really wasn’t picked up by the mainstream media and wasn’t a story that was talked about except perhaps among some of the biggest Trump supporters and those factions. But look, to me, conflicts of interest are conflicts of interest, and that certainly smacks of a pretty big one. But in terms of China, I mean, China, wow… I mean, when you look, K.T., at what they’re doing all around the world, I mean, in terms of gobbling up natural resources in everyplace from Africa to Venezuela and making what I would call pretty predatory loans where they offer to maybe put in some new infrastructure in one of these countries at a pretty onerous rate of return, and when the country can’t pay it, suddenly they’re taking over the harbor or the port or anything else that benefits China. And we’re sort of, you know, looking the other way. Now, I’m not someone who believes we need to be tinkering where we shouldn’t be tinkering. We don’t need to invest that much of ourselves, but when you look at how China’s doing this in such a strategic way, I do question where the U.S. is in terms of its hegemony down the road. What do you say?   K.T. McFarland:         Yeah, I mean, you’re absolutely right. So China has this plan to be dominant in a number of areas. They’re building what’s called a new silk road. It’s a land-based trade route that goes from Europe to the Middle East to South Asia to China. They’re building a maritime trade route, the same kind that you just referred to, where they’re building ports for countries along this maritime trade route, and then when the countries can’t meet the interest payments, then what China does is seizes the ports. And they’re building that that goes from Europe, particularly Middle East oil, through the South China Sea to China. They’re building a communications route with the 5G. They going to build a 5G Internet with Huawei, the Chinese company, and then they will dominate all communications and the Internet infrastructure. They’ll control that. The next thing they’re doing is they have a Made in China 2025 plan where they plan to dominate the 10 technologies of the future within five years and with things like microprocessing, microchips, robotics, artificial intelligence. Then they will control those technologies and the companies that build those technologies. And then they plan to use it to their advantage. China’s view of the world and world peace is China’s in charge and everybody else does China’s bidding. And then there’s peace in the world. Well, maybe, but what that does is it snuffs out the ability of independent countries, free market capitalism, free trade, and China, once it’s dominant, it is dominant not just for a few years. It’s dominant for decades, for centuries. And that’s what the Chinese intend to do, and that terrifies me because once that happens, we all get it back. It’s over, America’s days, not just because I think it’s so important that America’s the big superpower in the world, but I think the American way of life, American prosperity report, and with China as the dominant world power, those are all at risk.   Trish Regan:               OK, so here’s when I say to myself, well, isn’t the deep state supposed to be working on this? But it turns out the deep state is too busy, you know, trying to frame people that they didn’t like. And look, you know, K.T., I think you know this better than anyone, and again, I encourage people to read your book Revolution: Trump, Washington and “We the People” because K.T. had a pretty horrific experience herself with the deep state, shall we say. But you know, K.T., I mean, this is one where I look at it and say aren’t there people within government that are kind of guarding against this sort of thing, and shouldn’t that be the continuity from administration to administration rather than trying to take out the next guy?   K.T. McFarland:         There should be somebody looking after our interest, but I think we’ve gotten to the place in America where it’s not just Republican versus Democrat, it’s the Washington, D.C. power brokers, the ruling elite, whatever you want to call them, versus the rest of the country. They think the country’s too stupid to make the right choices. That’s what they thought in 2016. That’s what they’re doing now. But I think the good news in the last election and the election just two weeks ago is that it turns out the American people are really not stupid. They’re not nuts. Even though Donald Trump may not have been reelected – he may have, but he may not have been reelected, but what was very clear was Trump’s policies and the candidates who ran on the Trump platform for Senate, for Congress, for statehouse, those people all won, and they won resoundingly.   Trish Regan:               You know, to me, it’s not that hard, right? Like, we’re not talking rocket science. You’re talking about some pretty basic stuff, and so when they think that people are dumb for believing in the basic stuff, it’s like they’ve convoluted it, they’ve twisted it into something that really doesn’t make sense to your average person, and it’s like the – it’s the economy’s stupid, right? I mean, it really does come down, doesn’t it, to brass tacks? And Americans I think, ultimately, they know. They know in their hearts where they want to be and where they are.   K.T. McFarland:         Yeah, and I look at the deep state or the Washington ruling elite. The problem was not that they were in charge, but when they were in charge, they got it all wrong. I mean, there were hopeless wars in the Middle East that we couldn’t win, and we spent trillions of dollars on them rather than rebuilding America. Or overregulation of the energy industry. What did that do? Energy prices went sky high, we’re dependent on the Middle East for energy rather than our own energy sources, and American business wasn’t competitive. So these guys are not as smart as they think they are. They really screwed up the last 20 years, and that’s why I think it was refreshing to see Donald Trump, warts and all, personality flaws and all, really kind of smash through that groupthink that prevails in Washington and show a different direction. And the fact was, he was very successful: peace in the Middle East, standing up to China, American economic success… that was legendary. I mean, it was historic economic success and not just for the upper middle class or for the Washington elites or for the Wall Street billionaires. It was economic prosperity for the lowest rung of the American socioeconomic tree. So I think that, in fact, the American people are pretty smart, a lot smarter than the Washington people. And like you said, and said much more succinctly than I am right now, it all comes down to common sense. American people have actually a lot of common sense. The guys in Washington, not so much. Not so much.   Trish Regan:               Does it live on, K.T.? Does it continue? In other words, even if Trump is not successful with four more years, how does this movement go forward?   K.T. McFarland:         OK, so I think this the big issue is how do you keep Trumpism alive without Trump? And I think it’s very possible, as I said. We have seen victories in the House, the Senate, in all 50 states where the policies were important. I’ve been at this game for 50 years, and here’s what I think is likely to happen if Joe Biden is the next president. They’ll overreach. Their progressive, far-Left, socialist agenda and Biden and his people have refused to condemn socialism. How nutty is that in a capitalist society? So I think they overreach. And then in 2022, the American voter says enough of that. And my guess is that they put the House and the Senate in Republican control. And then in 2024, there’s a different Republican candidate, maybe somebody who’s more inclusive, less divisive, less ruler-against-the-chalkboard kind of approach, and then I think the Republicans take the White House in 2024.   Trish Regan:               And the movement goes on. Wow. All right, well, there’s a lot of good stuff that can be accomplished, that should be accomplished. You can follow her, get all her insight – truly one of the brightest women in politics and international policy today – at @realktmcfarland. Revolution: Trump, Washington and “We the People” is her book available right now on K.T. McFarland, thank you so much as always.   K.T. McFarland:         It’s an honor and a pleasure to be talking to you, Trish. Thank you.   Trish Regan:               A lot of lawsuits underway right now, a lot of discussions about whether fraud has happened in some particular states and counties. One state that is very much under scrutiny right now, of course, is Pennsylvania. And one of the candidates there is Sean Parnell, decorated combat veteran, New York Times best-selling author, father, leader, Republican candidate for the 17th congressional district of Pennsylvania against Connor Lamb. The vote is razor -thin, the margins are very, very thin, and he is refusing to concede this election. He joins us, right now, here on American Consequences. Sean, welcome to the program.   Sean Parnell:              Hey, thanks, Trish. How are you doing?   Trish Regan:               I’m good. I’m good. So you know, this has been quite a week for you. Give us the lay of the land right now.   Sean Parnell:              Yeah, so I’ll tell you exactly what I experienced on Election Night and the day after. We can start there. So on Election Night, you know, we were up big, 17 points I think, somewhere over 43,000 votes, and my opponent had a press conference scheduled early. I think he thought he was going to declare victory pretty early. Later that night, he canceled it and inexplicably, as our margin continued to grow, Allegheny County here in western Pennsylvania stopped counting. We did not expect that. They were supposed to pick up counting the very next day at 10 a.m. That did not happen, but instead what happened, our county executive, who is also the ranking member of the board of elections in Allegheny County, instead of counting the votes, went out and did a media blitz and said publicly over and over and over again that when all the votes are counted, we’re confident that Congressman Lamb will emerge with a two-percentage-point victory. And I said, huh, that’s kind of a brazen thing to say when your boy’s down by, like, 43,000-plus votes, right? And our margin was growing on Election Night. So they started counting the votes again at 2:30, Trish, and the margin tightened, and we expected that because –   Trish Regan:               And these were the mail-in votes?   Sean Parnell:              Yeah, he had a pretty substantial mail-in ballot lead over us, but even with that, all of our mathematical projections – and this is not just us, a couple of networks called it as well. Kevin McCarthy and the NRCC were seeing the same thing. Their math was the same as ours, that we were going to emerge with about just over a 13,000-vote victory, even if all of Connor’s mail-in ballots went to him and mine went to me and we split Independents 60-40. Now, these aren’t projected numbers of mail-ins. These are hard numbers that we know he had, right? And so the margin continued to tighten. About 8:30 the day after election day, there were two ballot dumps, one of 4,000 and one of 9,000, totaling 13,000 ballots that put him over the top by 2,000-plus vote lead. Literally, Trish, 25 minutes later, like right after that, Connor went out and declared victory, immediately, done, despite the fact that there were probably over 10,000 mail-in ballots left to be counted that we were assuming would break his way, but there were also over 17,000 provisionals and thousands of provisionals left in Beaver County, which is 100% in my district, and in Butler County. My thing is how do you concede with a 2,000-vote margin unless you know something that I don’t?   Trish Regan:               And so you’re saying, look, I want the rest of these votes counted.   Sean Parnell:              That’s right. That’s right. I mean, look, first of all, let’s get the votes counted. Nothing upset me more than when I was in Afghanistan when politicians would declare victory before my ballot was even counted. I’d be, like, come on, you know, this isn’t cool. So yeah, I think let’s wait to see where these votes break, right? And let’s do an audit of this process for me because over 56% of the people that voted for Connor Lamb did so in the mail, right? That’s over 100,000 people, and the reality is we just don’t know if all those votes are legal. And so unless we audit that percentage, Trish, how can we possibly make the argument that this election was legitimate? And for example, I’m looking at a spreadsheet right in front of me, just going through absentee ballot requests, when they were requested, the date of the ballot mailed, and right in front of me it looks like 66, 67, 68 people that have passed away that cast a ballot in Allegheny County.   Trish Regan:               Let’s go back to that. That kind of stuff really makes me nervous. And I did a story on where we talked about the number of taxpayer dollars that were being shelled out in COVID-19 relief to dead people, literally proving the IRS does not know if you’re dead or alive. But you’re telling me that dead people are casting – did they, like, mail them in a month ago before they died?   Sean Parnell:              Yes. So what we’re doing, we’re starting with the most recent, just cross-checking with obituaries, right? And we’re working our way backwards. So at first, it looks like 60 or so requested a ballot, submitted it, and then passed away before election day. So there’s nothing necessarily nefarious there, but those votes still shouldn’t count.   Trish Regan:               Yeah, I don’t have a problem with that at all. It’s the question of whether or not, you know, people that have already passed away are casting ballots. That makes me nervous.   Sean Parnell:              Right, right, but look, it’s public knowledge. People were sharing screenshots of people who were born in the 1800s voting in Allegheny County. I’d also like to know if nonresidents are voting, and here’s why. Like, I’m a lifelong resident of western Pennsylvania, Trish. My father got four ballot applications: one for my mom, one for me, and one for my three siblings. Now, my three siblings don’t live in the area anymore, so if he wanted to, he could have filled out an application and submitted a ballot for all of them, and they would have counted. Now, so there’s a reason. This isn’t just me saying let’s do an audit for the sake of doing an audit. This really is not about me. This is about people trusting in our elections on both sides of the aisle. Elections have to matter. And you know, thousands of people have messaged me over the last couple days – and I do mean that, thousands – saying if we don’t audit this process, I’ll never trust another election in my life. And so can we at least check to see if illegal immigrants voted, because they’re not allowed to vote?   Trish Regan:               What was the deal with identification there in Pennsylvania?   Sean Parnell:              That’s a great question. It’s not required, and it actually leads me to my next point. The mail-in ballot system in Florida is great. It took a long time. They rolled it out responsibly in certain precincts and counties and did a lot of troubleshooting to get it where it is today, but our system was developed in a bipartisan way here in western Pennsylvania to mirror that. But in October, the governor, a Democrat governor of Pennsylvania removed all the safeguards that would make mail-in voting safe, Trish. He said, OK, I’m going to remove the signature matching requirement. What? You’re going to move the deadlines, right. So in other words, I’m going to remove the postmark requirement. So in other words, people can turn in – physically turn in a mail-in ballot with no postmark and no signature requirement up to three days after the election day, right? That’s insane. It’s insane. And so the talking point today, Trish – and this needs to really be pointed out, and you’re the first person I’m talking about it with, but everyone’s saying it – in Allegheny County, there are only 947 ballots submitted after election day. First of all, that’s an absurdly low number for Allegheny County, right, No. 1. But how do you know? How do you know? They’ve got these mail-in drop boxes all over PA 17, you know, and we’ve had people that have signed an affidavit watching people stuff multiple ballots in a box, which is illegal, right. How do you know if votes that were turned in after election day weren’t being counted in the initial tally if there’s no postmark requirement? How do you know for sure? You don’t. And so this isn’t about me. If when the dust settles and the audit process is done and I lose, I will gracefully concede. But my gosh.   Trish Regan:               You’re talking about the sanctity of the vote, and that’s much bigger than you or me or the Republican Party or the Democrat Party, for that matter. That is what is intrinsic, right? To us as Americans. It’s part of our identity. We need to believe in the system, and to believe in the system, you have to believe that your vote matters and it’s properly accounted for. And if we don’t have that, Sean, I mean, you don’t have much of a country. If that can be manipulated, or even if there’s the perception, right? That it can be manipulated, that’s a massive problem.   Sean Parnell:              Absolutely right. And so, look, all I’m asking for is, like, there’s a lawsuit here. The Trump campaign has a lawsuit here. We’re pulling together evidence here of multiple instances of statistical anomalies and irregularities. Like for example, there are four nursing homes in Beaver County where the residents of those nursing homes requested a ballot and returned it on the same day. Like, should we not look into that? I mean, there were 19,000 mail-in ballots on the Democrat side of the house in Beaver County. Now, Beaver County is a majority Democrat county, but it’s a remarkable place because Democrats – there’s unbelievable amount of crossover. In fact, I won Beaver County 75-25 on election day with an unbelievable amount of Democrat support. Nineteen thousand mail-in ballots in Beaver County, all straight party ticket.   Trish Regan:               Yeah, I know what you’re talking about, the statistical odds. We just had Ned Ryun on from American Majority who said you’ve got to question the statistical probability here. I mean, no one is voting for a Republican at all?   Sean Parnell:              Yeah, in Beaver County where there is all sorts of Democratic crossover, right? And the way that we know that is, like, you know, maybe let’s just be gracious and say maybe the majority of those would be Democrat straight party votes, but the statistical probability of that happening, of all of them, when across the county all sorts of Democrats were crossing party lines and voting for me, it’s not in keeping with those stats in precincts all across the county. Does that make sense? So I mean, what harm is there? The PA state legislature is saying that they’re not going to certify the vote until we audit the process, and I think that we have to audit the process so that people have trust in the system, as you mentioned, and that’s going to happen. And I feel like I’m not going to concede until we can guarantee that 200,000-plus people that voted for me and the 200,000-plus people who voted for Connor can trust in this process.   Trish Regan:               Fair ask to me, something every American deserves. And so we wish you luck, and you know what, keep up the fight. I mean, you’re fighting for something, as you said, that is beyond political party, that’s beyond yourself, and that’s really for the sanctity of every American’s vote, and that stuff matters. @seanparnellusa is his Twitter handle. @seanparnellusa. He is running as the Republican candidate for the 17th congressional district of Pennsylvania, and we shall see what happens. Good luck to you, sir.   Sean Parnell:              Thank you, Trish.   Trish Regan:               Well, we’ve heard from a terrific, terrific team today, from Sean Parnell, who’s not giving up, not yet anyway, to K.T. McFarland to Ned Ryun. This is a very interesting time for the country, it’s a very fragile time, it’s a very important time. But perhaps we should all take heart in one thing, and that’s that there was no blue wave. I mean, it was barely even a ripple. They want you to think, mainstream media, that somehow the Biden camp or the anti-Trump camp won in a landslide, but that’s not the case. No. 1, this is being contested. We won’t know until, well, at least a few weeks from now what really, really happened. And it’s clear if anything that this was not some kind of massive move one way. You have nearly 71 million people that voted for the president. So the important thing to remember is that half the country feels very strongly. They may not tell the pollsters, but they have a point of view, and they went out to vote their point of view, which means this focus on our economy and this focus on our independence will continue no matter what, whether Donald Trump is in the White House or whether Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are there. Whether Donald Trump runs in 2024 or does not, this is a movement that lives on because it lives on in every single one of us. We are fighting for equality. We are fighting for meritocracy, and that moves forward. Thank you so much for listening to this week’s edition of American Consequences With Trish Regan. I am Trish, and I’m going to see you online every day on my other podcast, a daily one, Trish Intel, and on my website, And please make sure you go and subscribe to American Consequences the magazine. You hear the best, most interesting, most provocative thoughts there, including my weekly articles. I’ll see you there.   Announcer:                 Thank you for listening to this episode of American Consequences With Trish Regan. For more of Trish and to read the magazine, visit and enter your e-mail for special access. We’d love to hear from you, too. Send Trish a note [email protected]. This broadcast is for entertainment purposes only and should not be considered personalized investment advice. Trading stocks and all other financial instruments involves risk. You should not make any investment decision based solely on what you hear. Trish Regan’s American Consequences is produced by Stansberry Research and American Consequences and is copyrighted by the Stansberry Radio Network.   [End of Audio]

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