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Real Inflation & How to Protect your Retirement

Episode #45  |  July 22nd, 2021
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In This Episode:

A dwindling middle class coupled with increasing prices for gas, food, lumber, homes, and more – Trish worries that the economy is on a runway to destruction for most Americans. Stuck in an hourglass economy, we find the brutal economic sands weathering away our savings and opportunities. 

Trish welcomes Stansberry Research’s Dr. David Eifrig, Publisher of Retirement Millionaire, which shows readers how to live a millionaire lifestyle on less money than you’d imagine possible. He’s gone on to launch Retirement Trader, which uses options to help people construct safe, reliable income streams… Income Intelligence, the most comprehensive monthly review in the universe of income investments… and Advanced Options, which applies options trading to the stocks that Stansberry Research recommends to earn more significant gains.

As many of his Retirement Trader readers know, Doc’s track record continues to amaze, with his documented 136 consecutive winners picked. 

Doc and Trish are brutally aware of actual inflation, something you won’t hear from the mainstream, government officials, or the central banks. Trish and Dr. Eifrig discuss the U.S. dollar and its slipping lack of purchasing power, plus they give retirement insights that help safeguard from the increasingly centralized economy, touching on the following:

  • What percentage of your portfolio should be in gold?
  • Do corporate bonds have a part? What about U.S. Treasuries?
  • Does the 60/40 asset allocation model still hold up? 

Doc explains all these essential topics and more for today’s money-minded retirees – so sit back and listen up to one of the most renowned Retirement Experts in the world.


Dr. David Eifrig

Editor of Retirement Millionaire
Dr. David Eifrig has one of the most remarkable resumes of anyone I know in this industry. After receiving his BA from the Carleton College in Minnesota, he went on to earn an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. From there, Dr. Eifrig went to work as an elite derivatives trader at the investment bank Goldman Sachs. He spent a decade on Wall Street with several major institutions, including Chase Manhattan and Yamaichi. Sick of the greed and hypocrisy of Wall Street... Doc left his senior vice president position to pursue medicine. He graduated from Columbia University’s post-baccalaureate pre-medicine program and eventually earned his MD with clinical honors from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Along the way, he has been published in scientific journals and even helped start a small biotech company, Mirus. In 2008, he joined Stansberry Research and launched his publication, Retirement Millionaire. He has gone on to launch Income Intelligence and Retirement Trader, which uses options to help people construct safe, reliable income streams. He also owns and produces his own wine (Eifrig Cellars) in northern Sonoma County, California.
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