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Each week, the American Consequences podcast dives deep into fiscal and monetary policy, politics, and economics. You’ll get a view of the FED, the White House, and the World like nowhere else. Subscribe to stay up-to-date on the biggest guests and the best analysis, all with the signature Trish Regan insight.


Episode #17  |  January 6, 2021
A Divided America: What we can learn from the Science & Political Science Community

As President Trump’s campaign refuses to concede and Georgia votes are being counted, what could bring America back together? On this episode, we travel back in history to Ronald Reagan’s 1987 speech in front of the United Nations, where he pleads for something to unite the world… even something extra-terrestrial.


Matthew Rozsa, Avi Loeb
Episode #16  |  December 30, 2020
Greedy Government Could Be Our Downfall

Freedom is not for sale – especially not for $2,000. Our spendthrift Congress continues to up the refund value in the hopes to pass more legislature without anyone noticing, but there are still many people with their eyes and ears open.


Neil Grossman, Phil Kerpen
Episode #15  |  December 23, 2020
Spendthrift Lawmakers to Cost Us All

Congress just passed another relief bill, pushing the total spending to $6 trillion. As American citizens are forced to lock down and small businesses close, lawmakers are printing money.


Ron Paul, Victor Davis Hanson
Episode #14  |  December 16, 2020
Preserving Freedom in a Woke World

YouTube, Twitter and other social platforms are shadow-banning content, including preventing users from seeing anything that isn’t aligned with Democratic views. Trish’s own audience on Parler has exploded as Republicans find a new home for free thought, and now Chris Pavlovski, CEO of Rumble, a public-first video platform, speaks out against YouTube’s questionable policies.


Andrew Gruel, Chris Pavlovski
Episode #13  |  December 9, 2020
The Truth About the US Economy

We run a major risk that leftist policies will destroy the success of the US economy. Stephen Moore, the noted supply side economist, tells Trish what needs to happen to ensure continued economic success.


Tom Del Beccaro, Stephen Moore
Episode #12  |  December 2, 2020
The Price of Freedom

What happened to the ability to listen to others and critically think? Joining Trish to discuss the mainstream media’s agenda and bias against moderate and conservative thought is Dinesh D’Souza, best-selling author and filmmaker.


Dinesh D’Souza, Maria Corina Machado
Episode #11  |  November 25, 2020
America at Stake

China is proposing a global travel program for who has and has not been tested for the Coronavirus. Gordon G. Chang, author of The Coming Collapse of China and Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes On the World joins Trish to discuss the outlandish plans and what it means for the U.S. under Biden.


Gordon G. Chang, Ralph Norman, Kristin B. Tate
Episode #10  |  November 18, 2020
The Biden Economy & Venezuelan Style Voter Difficulties

Are we on the path toward Socialism? This week, Debbie D’Souza returns to shed some light on voter difficulties. She compares the 2020 Election to past elections in Venezuela. Then the legendary Neil Grossman, economist, mathematician dives into Biden’s COVID-19 plans. Grossman argues that the Fed and any potential Biden stimulus would create a false economy and artificial market gains.


Debbie D’Souza, Neil Grossman
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