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Unfiltered. Unwavering. Hard Hitting. Informative.

Each week, the American Consequences podcast dives deep into fiscal and monetary policy, politics, and economics. You’ll get a view of the FED, the White House, and the World like nowhere else. Subscribe to stay up-to-date on the biggest guests and the best analysis, all with the signature Trish Regan insight.


Episode #50  |  August 26, 2021
Steve Cortes Blasts the Fed for Decimating the American Middle Class

In an interview with Trish Regan on the American Consequences podcast, former investment manager turned White House advisor turned television host Steve Cortes slams the Federal Reserve for what he deems as "irresponsible" policy.


Steve Cortes
Episode #49  |  August 19, 2021
The End of America: Dr. Ron Paul on Gold Standard, Failed Foreign Policy and Runaway Inflation

With the recent anniversary of the removal of the gold standard and the US Dollar in 1971, Trish and Dr. Paul discuss the problems of today with Nixon’s decision 50 years ago, including inflation that rivals 1970’s and what that means for Middle-Class Americans (hint: it’s not good). Join Trish and Dr. Ron Paul as they take you through why we’ve seen the destruction of sound money policy and why it’s led to the “End of America.”


Dr. Ron Paul
Episode #48  |  August 12, 2021
Fighting For Freedom of Speech: The Alternative to Facebook

Mark Weinstein, CEO of the new social network MeWe, is a world-renowned leading privacy advocate with more than two decades of experience in social media. MeWe’s new platform is described as the anti-Facebook, providing folks around the world with an ad-free communication network they can trust. Join Trish and Mark for an in-depth discussion about free speech, Big Tech, and how MeWe is changing the social media landscape for the better.


Mark Weinstein
Episode #47  |  August 5, 2021
We’re in the Eye of the Storm – A Substantial Decline Is Coming

This week, Trish Regan and American Consequences welcomes Michael Gayed, portfolio manager at Toroso Asset Management, award winning author and publisher of the Lead Lag Report.The “Eye of the Storm”, as he calls the current environment, has Michael worried about the future and indicates the markets decline may be here sooner than you think. You can learn from this “risk on/risk off” expert on ways to make sure you are protected and prepared. Inflation is here, and no amount of money printing can help the average investor…


Michael Gayed
Episode #46  |  July 29, 2021
P.J. O’Rourke: Power-Hungry Leaders Revel in COVID Shutdowns

American Consequences Editor-in-Chief and best-selling author P.J. O’Rourke joins Trish in this episode and they dive into a variety of topics, including his updated blockbuster book Eat the Rich that he’s giving away for free at P.J. talks with Trish about the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, the state of small businesses, masks, shutdowns, and inflated prices of goods and services.  P.J. isn’t President Biden’s biggest fan and worries that the administration will impose more lockdowns should health concerns continue. 


P.J. O'Rourke
Episode #45  |  July 22, 2021
Real Inflation & How to Protect your Retirement

Trish welcomes in Stansberry Research’s Dr. David Eifrig - Publisher of Retirement Millionaire, which shows readers how to live a millionaire lifestyle on less money than you’d imagine possible. Trish and Dr. Eifrig discuss the U.S. dollar and lack of purchasing power, plus they give retirement insights that help safeguard from the increasingly centralized economy. Learn what percentage of your portfolio should be in Gold. Do Corporate Bonds have a part? What about US Treasures? Doc explains. Does the 60/40 asset allocation model still hold up? Trish talks the important topics in today’s climate with one of the most renowned Retirement Experts in the world.


Dr. David Eifrig
Episode #44  |  July 15, 2021
What A Big Tech Break Up Could Mean for Investors

While the politicians in D.C. figure out how to rein in the country’s biggest technology companies, Trish Regan gives the listener insights on why break up of these behemoths aren't all about power and control, but could also be a money making event for investors. Trish welcomes back Lord Conrad Black who gives insight on shadow banning, political freedom of speech, monopolies and how to publish and invest in this ever evolving and complicated digital age.


Lord Conrad Black
Episode #43  |  July 7, 2021
Investing Around Inflation: “Developing a Game Plan for Financial Success”

Join me and senior financial analyst of Stansberry Research, Scott Garliss, on the show this week as we discuss everything from trends in the S&P 500, lessons learned from Scott’s 20-plus years on Wall Street, hot industries poised for growth, and where to act in the market NOW.


Scott Garliss
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