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It’s Simple Math: Bitcoin is Undervalued

Episode #33  |  April 28th, 2021
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In This Episode:

With government overspending here to stay, Americans must balance hedging their bets against while capitalizing on a thriving market. What’s the best way to take advantage of this inflationary landscape? Hard assets, gold, and of course, bitcoin. We can’t stop talking about this crypto because it seems more poised as the future of money every day. Greg Foss, Executive Director at Validus Power, joins Trish to explain how sovereign currencies like the U.S. dollar have been obsolete and unsustainable for years — and that crypto is their inevitable financial successor. The two also discuss credit vs. equity markets, how lessons learned from the 2008 Recession can help you in this bubble, and the possibility of bitcoin mining powering our electric grid.


Greg Foss

Executive Director - Strategic Initiatives at Validus Power Corp
Bitcoin enthusiast/realist. G-7 balance sheets (total debt to GDP) will cause all fiat currencies to depreciate. It is only math. Embrace bitcoin as a hedge against the debt spiral and the beggar thy neighbor strategy employed by all governments and central banks.

Episode Extras:

Bitcoin Bytes

  • The gold vs. bitcoin battle rages on, but note that the crypto’s capped at 21 million coins while there’s currently 21 million pounds of gold swimming in the ocean right now, i.e., the precious metal isn’t as finite as you might think.
  • Pretend that the Fed now is Lehman Brothers circa 2008 — when a financial entity’s about to default, transfer that leverage somewhere safer. And in 2021, instead of the government bailing out Big Banks, bitcoin can bail out millions of Americans. 
  • For Global GDP to keep pace with debt, it has to steadily grow at 12%, meaning fiat currencies will overprint until debased, leaving the world to look for a new reserve asset: bitcoin.
  • A (Potential) Bitcoin Equation: If the crypto ends up backing 5% of global assets, that’s $45 trillion divided by 21 million bitcoins, equalling 2 million a coin — basic arithmetic.  
  • Cryptos may not only save our financial woes but our energy ones as well — there’s potential for bitcoin mining to generate electricity that can power our grid. Are you listening, Texas?
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