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Erasing America: Inside the Left’s Effort to Suppress Freedom

Episode #24  |  February 24th, 2021
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In This Episode:

The First Amendment is under attack, everyone. From the ratcheting up of cancel-culture to rewriting our school children’s curriculum, it appears the Left won’t be content until it silences every opposing voice. Where are we living now? The U.S. or North Korea? Dan Gainor, VP of TechWatch, charts how the PC progressive agenda has infected the mainstream and how its narrative isn’t just anti-American … it’s anti-America. And Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs discusses the future of the GOP, Trump, and Rush Limbaugh’s legacy.


Dan Gainor

financial editor at the Media Research Center
He heads up both our MRC Business and MRC Culture departments, including our popular Soros Project. He is a veteran editor with more than three decades of experience in print and online media. Prior to joining the MRC, Gainor served as an editor at several newspapers includingThe Washington Times and The Baltimore News American. Mr. Gainor also has extensive experience in online publishing – holding the position of managing editor for, the Web site of Congressional Quarterly, and executive editor for ChangeWave, then-published by Phillips International. He worked in financial publishing launching new services for ChangeWave and Agora Inc.

Andy Biggs

Representing the 5th District of Arizona

Episode Extras:

  • Liberal hotbeds like theNew York Times have given up on being journalists and instead have assumed the role of woke activists in search of a “reality czar” (their term).
  • K-12 schools in Minnesota are revisiting their Social Studies curriculum — focused on removing the World Wars, the Holocaust, the Civil War, and the Revolutionary War.
  • The Left has such cultural sensitivity for other nations now, but none for our Founding Fathers.
  • Progressives envision aYear Zero for America, completely discarding our history and founding doctrines. There’s another country that tried this — the People’s Republic of China.


Male:                          We will ensure every dollar is spent well. These changes will bring much-needed long-overdue help to small businesses who really need help staying open, maintaining jobs, and making ends meet. And this is a starting point, not the ending point.


Trish Regan:               Oh, you got that? $1.9 trillion. It’s just payment, everyone. Hello everyone. I am Trish Regan. This is American Consequences With Trish Regan, and there are consequences associated with the spending of $1.9 trillion. The president is saying, “We got to do this. This is my American rescue plan.” We saw Kamala Harris out on the Today Show the other day saying, “We need this money for schools to reopen.”


                                    Hey, little factoid for you, of the $128 billion that they are asking for to reopen schools in America, do you know only $6 billion will be spent in 2021 to reopen schools? The rest is going out the next seven years. So, you mean to tell me we’re not going to open schools until 2028? This is ridiculous. This is not just money, right? For COVID issues. This is money for the system. This is money to throw at things because nobody cares about our future. Nobody actually cares about the threat of a lower dollar or more inflation.


                                    You guys all know Ron Paul very well, and he was on the show actually just recently. He’s a contributor, an editor at American Consequences. He’s one of the few that stands up for fiscal discipline. I want you to hear him talk back in 1988 because, I’ll tell you, it could still work today.


Ron Paul:                    Ask me why we still finance the communists. Ask me why 70% of the military budget is spent overseas. Ask me why the good airplanes are overseas and the lousy airplanes are not here, and the lousy airplanes were in the Air National Guard. I would say clean out the state department. Spend more money on our national defense. Have an anticommunist policy.


                                    Don’t sign these treaties with the Soviets. Don’t extend loans with the Soviet Union, and not to fight these wars with the funds we raise from the illegal drugs. So, under the libertarian society, no, we don’t fight Vietnam Wars. We don’t fight the Korean Wars. We fight wars to defend America.


Trish Regan:               I should point out that quite a bit of this $1.9 trillion, and we’re going to talk to Andy Biggs momentarily about it, quite a bit of that money is actually still going to overseas efforts and we may not be fighting the Soviets now, but look at what we’re dealing with with China. The world has changed, but one thing hasn’t, and that is politicians’ willingness to spend money unnecessarily, needlessly, in a way that actually could devastate the American economy.


                                    Kevin McCarthy had a few things to say about this. He’s concerned. He’s concerned that too much of this money is actually going to places it should not go. None of it really is related to coronavirus, Listen to him here on Fox.


Kevin McCarthy:        This bill is too expensive and too expansive. You’ve listed a lot of things in there and think about this. This is supposed to be a COVID bill. Only 9% of it goes to COVID. What they are doing is telling you the swamp is back. Everything you have warned your viewers about before the election is coming true in this bill.


Trish Regan:               Is the swamp back? Joining me right now, Congressman Andy Biggs, who has some concerns of his own about all this spending. Rep. Biggs, it’s good to talk to you again.


Andy Biggs:                Good to be with you, Trish.


Trish Regan:               So, what do you think? $1.9 trillion. I don’t think the people entirely comprehend how much money this is, but just to keep it in perspective, during the Obama years, when everybody was worked up about that stimulus to nowhere that was $800 billion. Now we’re talking about $1.9 trillion. A few questions here. Do we need it? And what are the long-term ramifications of this, sir?


Andy Biggs:                First of all, on the need, people forget that we have over a trillion dollars from the last five COVID relief packages that have not even been spent yet. That money includes money for things like education, there’s money in there for small businesses, etc. It just has not been distributed yet. And so now you’re going to add $2 trillion into it and add to our national debt and add to our special deficit. And as you know, most of it is going to go for things that have nothing to do with COVID.


                                    So, here’s some examples. You’re going to have a $15-an-hour minimum wage, federal minimum wage that’s in this bill. That’s a job killer of about 1.4 to 1.5 million jobs, and that’s a conservative estimate by the Congressional Budget Office. You were talking about $170 million going to the National Endowment for the Arts, $170 going to the National Endowment for the Humanities, $750 million going overseas, $50 million going to family planning, including abortions in the United States.


                                    You’ve got something like $400 million going to see what animals might be more susceptible to getting sick from COVID than not. This is just filled with _____ and it’s larded up and it’s like a Christmas tree. You’re going to different members and saying, “What does it take to get you to vote for this?” And then putting it on there. And it’s $1.9 trillion. And guess what? They said, “That’s just the beginning.”


Trish Regan:               “Just the beginning,” right? Just a down payment. I’m horrified because when I look at what the teachers are asking for, for example, the education groupies that want $128 billion. Do you know congressman, only $6 billion of that is actually going to education to reopen schools for this year 2021. The rest is spread out over a seven-year period and I’m like, wait, does this mean we’re not going to open schools for seven years?


                                    Already you’ve got districts in Minnesota that are saying, “We’re making no plans to open for the fall. We’re planning on being online.” I just look at this and say, why do you guys need so much money if you’re not even reopening the darn schools?


Andy Biggs:                Well, if you can get money, people want it. And the teachers union is no different. That’s really, it’s outrageous. There will be a comeuppance. You cannot continue to spend like this and add to the national debt, which sits in excess of $30 trillion today, and not at some point have to deal with that. And that’s just a crying shame here.


Trish Regan:               You always have been a voice of reason there. And I think back to the beginnings of the Tea Party and how outspoken you have been for the importance of fiscal discipline. And I feel like right now that’s completely just lost. And there’s this desire, like just throw everything at the situation.


                                    Talk to me about what we’re giving up, because it feels like so many politicians, frankly, they’re willing to do this because in the here and now it helps buy them whatever they need with their constituents. But what about the kids? What about our grandkids? What about the country’s future? How does that actually play in when, you know, kids and grandkids can’t vote?


Andy Biggs:                Yeah, the reality is, Trish, we face a time where there will be inflation in this country. There’s already inflationary pressures coming. And when that inflation pressure comes and you have the massive debt that we have, we’re not going to be able to pay for it. And that means if interest rates go up, for instance, just a little bit, we can’t afford to pay for the debt on what we’re borrowing. And if that’s the case, you have a chance to ruin your economy now and in the future.


                                    And what that means is our kids and our grandkids will be left to try to pick up the pieces of a shattered economy. And those things can go on as you know for many years and sometimes even generationally. The other aspect of it is it provides an opportunity for some authoritarian types to get into government and say it’s such a disaster and a mess, I’m going to clean it up. And what they do is they take away rights that we recognize as being inherent from God.


                                    So, we face actual collapse of the country down the road because we’re being shortsighted today. And to be honest with you, I’ve got businesses who say, “Look, I don’t need any more money. What I need is you to open up the economy. If you opened up the economy, I’ll be fine. I can survive.”


Trish Regan:               Sure. I look at some of the data points we’ve already seen and I’m pretty impressed, but you start putting things like $15 minimum wages in, and you’ve got a lot of businesses that can’t support that. It’s going to create inflation because they’ll have to raise prices. That’s if they can continue to exist. I think you have a lot of businesses going out of business in that kind of scenario. And the inflation is a real concern. Just look at the softness in the U.S. dollar recently.


                                    I want to turn to, because you mentioned something very important, congressman, you talked about rights, and right now increasingly we’re living in the cancel-culture world. I’m living proof of it. You can’t say that coronavirus became too political or else oh my gosh. They’re going to go after you, tooth and nail. So, we’re now, it’s cascading right upon itself, and we’re now seeing, congressman, that Democrats are calling on the FCC to cancel Fox News, Newsmax, OAN anything, frankly, that doesn’t agree with their line of thinking.


Andy Biggs:                Well, I’m outraged by it and you got canceled and I’ve been canceled for short terms. I’ve been in the penalty box from time to time. But the reality is, Trish, I said this for years, the Left in America has an authoritarian bent to them that most people don’t recognize, but in order to fulfill their policies, it’s always authoritarian. And they don’t like dissent. They don’t like opposition. They don’t like comment from people who disagree with them, and they only advocate for tolerance if you agree with them. If you don’t, then they’re going to be intolerant of you.


                                    And that’s what we’re seeing today. This move to stifle, try to get the FCC to dereg these outlets that disagree with CNN and MSNBC, this effort to cancel anybody who’s a celebrity, an actor, an athlete who might have a conservative viewpoint who might’ve supported President Trump. It doesn’t matter. Because you are the opposition, they don’t want to hear from you, and that is tyranny. That is tyranny at its most basic and fundamental definition.


                                    And if we can’t have the ability to speak, associate, worship, we don’t look like any other nation. We begin to look like every other nation in the world instead of being the United States of America, the bastion of freedom, recognition of inherent God-given rights in each one of us whether it’s to defend ourselves with weapons or to speak out and participate in our electoral process. That’s what they’re killing. That’s what they’re killing.


Trish Regan:               It really is. It’s understanding the importance of the individual. And even though we’re a big country, right? We have to accept that everybody is an individual and we have to respect the individual. And that’s what America has always been known for. It’s North Korea or the former Soviet Union that would stifle sides that they don’t agree with.


                                    And to me, Rush Limbaugh, I’m curious to get your thought, but he was, I didn’t know him, actually. People have been surprised by that. I never met him, but I think the fact that he was able to speak out and continued to speak out so freely, congressman, was proof of what’s good about this country, right? You may not agree with him. You may absolutely hate what he’s saying, but the reality is he could say it because in a free country you should be able to.


Andy Biggs:                That’s exactly right. And Rush Limbaugh, I remember as a young lawyer in Arizona, and you would think that in Arizona, it would’ve been safe to be a pretty conservative, and it generally was, but we were ostracized and ridiculed for being conservative. But Rush Limbaugh made that. He made that cool. He made it acceptable, and he took on the Left.


                                    They don’t want that kind of discussion anymore. They’re not willing to entertain that. They don’t want to win on the basis of ideas. They want to win on the basis of control and power. And that’s where the Left is today, and that’s largely the base of the Democrat party. And so, we’re facing a system that has maybe probably 35, 40% of the country that’s perfectly OK with an authoritarian form of government. And so, if we can’t, if you and I can’t go worship, if we can’t associate, if we can’t speak and debate these things I fear for the long-term trajectory of freedom in this country.


Trish Regan:               I do too. And it’s a combination of things. It’s the freedom of speech. It’s freedom to prosper, right? Janet Yellen just saying this week that they’re looking at raising taxes, of course, from 21% on companies to 28%. They’re looking at upping the capital gains tax. It’s going to become a kind of suffocation, if you would, of speech and ability to prosper, businesses being shut down.


                                    I suspect that there’s going to be some people that are nostalgic for the years 2016, 17, 18, 19, when the economy was booming and we actually had policies that allowed businesses to flourish, and that was very much a result of very sound policies out of the Trump administration. We are expecting Donald Trump of course to take to the stage at CPAC this weekend. Can you give us a sense of what you think we might hear? Do you think he’s back in the running for 2024 or is the Republican party moving on? Your two  cents?


Andy Biggs:                I think that we don’t win if we move on. I think the policies that you just iterated that President Trump stands for, I think that’s where the Republican party is. That’s where the mainstream of America I believe is. We’re still a center right country. That’s why we’re being suppressed by the Left. I think President Trump, I think he’s going to talk about his role in the party that’s necessary for him to continue to be a leader.


                                    I think it is necessary for him to be a leader and speak out and advocate for the principles that, that we were so prosperous, Trish, more people working than ever, every demographic. Those are the things that that Americans want to do. And that’s inclusive. That’s not separating like the Left is doing right now. That’s inclusive. It brings people together, brings us as a nation together. And I think he’s going to say that he’s going to continue to speak out and be a voice for rationality, believe it or not. And I am already nostalgic for those years, Trish, 2016 through 2019.


Trish Regan:               Yeah. They were tremendous years and taxes went down for corporations and for individuals, but yet our revenue went up. We had record tax revenue and that’s proof, right? To me, that’s proof. If you map this thing out, it’s not rocket science, you just need to free up Americans to do what Americans know how to do.


Andy Biggs:                That’s right. That’s exactly right. It’s odd that way, but freedom tends to be good for everybody. Ronald Reagan said a rising tide lifts all boats. You never saw it demonstrated more fully than after the tax cuts and regulatory reductions that the Trump administration put in, and then you saw people of every demographic group benefiting.


Trish Regan:               Is there anything that he could, should do differently to bring, you mentioned that the country is center right. I agree with you on that, Rep. Biggs. I don’t think the country is in any way, shape, or form, willing to go the route of Bernie Sanders, AOC, or where Biden is trying to take us, but there was this polarization that happened. How can Donald Trump move the party forward and bring in more of those people in the middle?


                                    Don’t forget record turnout for Hispanics and Blacks, and he was able to really bring in a lot of groups that previously had not been OK with the Republican party, but he lost a lot of women. He lost a lot of people in the middle and the Left made it all about personality, right? Instead of policy, which drove me bonkers because I’m a policy wonk, but how do you negotiate and thread that needle in the coming environment, given where the Left is?


Andy Biggs:                I think first of all, he needs to continue with the narrative that the Republican party stands with the working men and women of this country, the vast majority of this country are working men and women. And the second thing is he needs to talk about the security and safety and what he did with COVID and how he delivered the vaccine.


                                    I think that is so important to women, suburban women voters. They want to know that we understand the concerns they have of safety. And then I guess the third thing is they all, everybody wants their kids to be able to get the education that will allow them to succeed in life. And if you continue to lock down and prevent kids from getting education the way the Biden administration is doing with its hand and glove association with teachers’ unions, you are preventing children from getting the necessary education they need, and nothing is better than in-person education on a daily basis.


Trish Regan:               I think that’s where you get a lot of women because there’s nothing more important than our children, and there is nothing more important than making sure that they have the opportunities to succeed in the future. And that is education and it’s really disgusting and atrocious when you see that so many of these schools have stayed shut down and these kids and in disenfranchised environments are becoming increasingly disenfranchised. Very quickly, and I think those are great points and I suspect he will zero in on those and he should, but let me turn to Texas briefly, your thoughts on why this happened and how we fix it.


Andy Biggs:                Well, you can never be perfectly prepared for a once in a 500-year storm like Texas had. But one of the things that you can do is understand the limitations of what you do have in case that occurs. And I think this notion that there we’re going to rely on wind energy for 20 to 30% of our power grid, was failing to understand that they have mechanical problems, No. 1, but No. 2, wind doesn’t always blow and you’ve got to have a backup grid of natural gas and coal and nuclear.


                                    Those are far more sustainable. And I realize that the wind can get cheaper, etc., but we weren’t prepared and Texas wasn’t prepared for this kind of storm, and that’s part of the problem. But when you mandate all of these Green New Deal-type of energy plans, which is what a lot of wind is, you’re going to need to realize that the grid must be sustainable when you cannot get this solar, this wind energy. So, you’ve got to have the natural gas and coal and nuclear backup, and they were just unprepared for them.


Trish Regan:               Just your final thoughts on the Republican party? I mentioned it briefly before, but we’re seeing that people are very much still with Donald Trump. Almost half the Republican party, according to a new poll, is willing to leave should he start a new party and go with him there. So, in light of sort of the Mitch McConnells of the world and others in the establishment of the Republican party, how does it all come together?


                                    Do you think that Mitch McConnell will come around? Do you think the Republican party will come around? Do you think that something new get started? What’s your what’s your sense of where this is all heading?


Andy Biggs:                Well, I am concerned about it because I’m forecasting that if the race were to happen today, we’d lose 10 to 12% of votes, two-thirds of those from Republicans who don’t trust Republican leadership anymore, whether it’s McConnell or Liz Cheney or else another 4 to 5% who say they don’t want to have anything to do with Donald Trump. We’ve got people within the Republican party that are willing to emasculate the direction of a conservative policy, pro-America policy, pro-America first, incredible economic growth, because they don’t like Donald Trump’s personality.


                                    And that concerns me to no end because that’s a question I get all the time. How do we get people back together? And the best way to get people back together is to learn to forgive each other. But you don’t forgive each other and you don’t get unity when you’re making lists of people you’re going to attack. I’m on a number of Republican hitlists, Trish. I know you’re going to be surprised by that, but they run ads in my state and my district because I supported President Trump and his policies, and that’s not good. That’s no bueno.


                                    And what that means is in my district, I will win my district, but you will undermine where a statewide officer might go, because you’re going to create dissension amongst our people, and that’ll make it difficult to win a statewide, a U.S. Senate race, which we have, a governor’s race. We have got to come together and recognize we have disagreements within our party, but by and large, we all agree to the party platform and that’s where we need to be. And we need to go forward because the other side are the ones that are going to emasculate our rights, our freedoms, and our economy.


Trish Regan:               It’s so good to talk with you, congressman. I really appreciate you taking the time today. Thank you.


Andy Biggs:                Absolutely. It was great talking to you, Trish. I’ve missed it.


Trish Regan:               There’s an effort underway you’ve probably noticed to make sure that any speech that the Left doesn’t agree with somehow gets squashed out, right? It’s going to get canceled. It’s going to get canceled on social media. You saw it with Parler, right? Parler getting shut down with Amazon Web Services pulling the plug at the 11th hour. It’s back up and running right now. They can’t tell us who their web provider is, as that would probably put that company in all kinds of jeopardy.


                                    It got taken off of Apple in terms of the App Store. It got taken off the Google Play, and you’re seeing overall a ratcheting up of this cancel culture that frankly, I think is very dangerous for the country. Rush Limbaugh, in so many ways, was an important example of what we should be as a nation. You may not agree with him. He may make you angry as hell, but you know what? He was on the radio, he was on the airwaves, and he was tolerated because in a free country, you tolerate free speech.


                                    Our First Amendment rights, they’re all we got. That’s what separates us from the likes of North Korea or the former USSR. We are the United States of America where we believe in the individual right to have individual thought and to be able to express that thought, but now you’re seeing an effort right now in Washington, D.C. by those on the Left to really and truly shut it down for good.


                                    It’s not just social media. They now want to go after the likes of Newsmax, Fox News, OAN. Where does it stop? Two congressional leaders coming out with the letter to the cable providers, the AT&Ts of the world saying, hey, Roku as well, by the way, they’re doing this with the over the top interests in addition to the traditional television platform, and they are requesting that these companies look at OAN, they look at Fox News, they look at Newsmax, and they question whether these organizations have had a hand in the sort of, well, dissonance, I guess that is in America today.


                                    Joining me right now is someone who’s been tracking this really from the get-go, has devoted his entire life and career to trying to ensure that the other side be heard. We have Dan Gainor from the Media Research Center with us today. My good friend, Dan, welcome back.


Dan Gainor:               Thank you, Trish. Thank you for that wonderful introduction and not just about me, but about the issue. We have two congressmen who are trying to use their position in Washington to violate the First Amendment. Congress shall make no law, and they’re trying to make law. They’re trying to make law to restrict free speech, to restrict free press, because they disagree. And what they’ve done is this is insidious. It’s basically the stuff you’d see in a totalitarian nation where they take words and change their meaning.


                                    So, now they’ve decided the words “misinformation” and “disinformation” now encompass anything they don’t like, and they must be banned, blotted out from under the sun. And I wish this was an exaggeration that the major press are the ones who are instigating this. A few weeks ago on Reliable Sources, you had a former Facebook engineer, Alex Stamos on there. And he was calling for de-platforming. I think he mentioned Fox, Newsmax, other CNN people mentioned Fox, Newsmax, and OAN.


                                    Then you see the New York Times. They ran a piece calling for the creation of a reality czar.


Trish Regan:               That’s actually, by the way, that those are the words they use, Dan. They used “reality czar” and this is the New York Times. And I’m like, wait a second guys. You’re journalists. Why would you be running something like this? They want a reality czar that’s part of the Biden administration. This really is like the Gestapo.


Dan Gainor:               Yeah. But see, they’re not journalists anymore. And I really, I hate to say that. I spent a long time in journalism, spent close to two decades in journalism. I love what it used to be. I hate what it is, but the New York Times now, these young radical activists, we call them “woke,” but that sounds almost too benign. They’ve resulted in the firings of three different people in the last year, two of them related to running an op-ed from Sen. Tom Cotton calling for the military in the streets to prevent rioting.


                                    By the way, a strategy now that has been embraced by both the Biden administration and Nancy Pelosi. But you got fired for that if you said it when it looked like you were going after liberal rioters. If you go after somebody you think might be a Right-wing rioter, oh yeah, we can do that. But if you wrote it and said, “Shut down liberal rioters,” oh, you’re a fascist.


Trish Regan:               You’ve looked at this and you and I have talked offline about this, about the influence that the Left has had on culture to really get us to this point. They’ve been much more thoughtful in terms of where they’ve spent their money and where they have tried to exercise their influence. Because you don’t just wake up overnight and suddenly, up is down and down is up… and Right is Left and Left is Right. It is a process and they have spent decades now, trying to infiltrate culture… academia… Hollywood… in ways that really have gotten us to this stage that I think is a very dangerous position. Walk us through the history of how we got here, Dan.


Dan Gainor:               To do that, you’ve got to probably go back to the 1960s when what became alternate media, new media was called at the time, new media then meant city papers, alternate press, press that challenged authority and disagreed, said America was bad. It was anti-Vietnam War or whatever. But the problem is a lot of those people then went into the traditional press, and then they became powerful in the traditional press. Hollywood stopped running movies that were pro-American instead of running movies where America was the villain.


Trish Regan:               Again, in a free country, you should be able to write an op-ed that’s anti-Vietnam. So, be it, right? You should also have an op-ed that’s pro. You should have a lot of different expression.


Dan Gainor:               Right. But what happened is, it was just a complete shift where you went from doing one to doing the other. And so, instead of Hollywood and news media, and really a huge point not just academia at the college level, but even down to kindergarten or preschool, people were being taught America is evil and it escalated to the point where really, the rise of social media has in the last 12 to 15 years has really escalated it to the point where journalists are no longer neutral players.


                                    They’re active activists on Twitter, on Facebook, on podcasts, on Clubhouse, the new, popular one. They go on there and they advocate for a cause, and their causes are always Left-wing. The New York Times comes out with a whole project devoted to undermining the founding of America, the 1619 Project that claims that America was founded, that everything about it was founded to push slavery, which is just factually a lie. Just flat out a lie. It’s promoted by entire news organization.


Trish Regan:               I did a story actually on about this, about the Minnesota school system, which is now every 10 years, it visits certain curriculums. This particular period, they’re looking at their social studies curriculum. And so, they have advanced this idea of let’s get rid of World War I, World War II, the Holocaust, just get rid of it entirely from the K-12 curriculum. They want to cut down on any Revolutionary War stuff. They want to completely slash the Civil War period.


                                    And they’re doing this so that they can put a preference on the slaughtering of indigenous people in the state of Minnesota. Once again, I guess really making you feel bad for ever having come to this country in the first place, and an emphasis on the white European. And I’m sitting here going, because by the way, you know I’ve done a ton of reporting down in Latin America. And I spent a lot of time in Venezuela. I’ve heard Chavez speak many times I mean for hours on end because the guy could talk, and it was always about the white European and how they came and conquered the Venezuelan people and blah-blah-blah, and we’ve lost our way.


                                    That was his whole thing. And now I’m looking at what Minnesota is doing and I’m scratching my head saying, wow, they really, they want to deprive our American school children of being proud of this nation, and there’s something really messed up with this.


Dan Gainor:               Oh, yeah. None of this surprises me. You end up with people who hate America in the foundational controlling levers of power in our society, which means academia, education from K-12 and on up, government, particularly local government. If you consider yourself conservative, you listen to me right now, and you are not involved in your local government, I am pointing the finger at you.


                                    If you’ve got kids in school and you’re not on the school board, why? Because the people on the school board, as we saw, I can’t remember what location was this week the whole school board at one place resigned because they were talking openly about the parents, the families of the kids and slamming them and they thought they were offline. And then of course it came out that they were, it was broadcasting it and they all ended up having to resign because they had contempt for people.


                                    The reason why we’re fighting for American history in every one of these locations, because people who love American history aren’t fighting for it. They’re jamming this 1619 garbage, and that’s what it is, is garbage into school systems and teaching it like it’s truth when even the people who created it, admit it’s just a narrative. Oh, it’s a narrative to rewrite history. And everybody’s so afraid now of running up against the, oh, you might be called racist. You’re going to be called racist no matter what you do now.


Trish Regan:               You have to accept that you are racist because if you don’t accept that you’re racist, then somehow that makes you racist. I don’t know. Like you can get twisted in a pretzel knot trying to work through the methodology.


Dan Gainor:               That’s part of critical race theory. You basically have to either be actively anti-racist, which if you’re white people, you have to accept you’re racist. Or if you’re not actively anti-racist, then you’re racist.


Trish Regan:               Do you think they’re making people see color in ways that maybe we haven’t seen, and that’s part of their goal, right? They want you to see color. But what if you happen to be somebody who really is just a believer in meritocracy that doesn’t really see color as the first, most obvious thing in how you value people? If you actually are a real true independent, free-thinking American, my view is you recognize people for them and not for the color of their skin. And I do worry that we’re raising a generation of kids that’s going to see color and ethnicity before they actually see a person.


Dan Gainor:               That’s what they want. They want to divide us. And this goes back to division by ethnic group and all was a reaction to the ’60s. It goes back really probably into the ’70s where they started dividing us by subject group. OK. Because the Left understood that if we all want to be American, that we’re unified. And if they can divide us up into aggrieved little groups and OK, we’re going to say you’re Native American, and we’re going to focus on how you were grieved, not the heroes who became American.


                                    We do it with every different group. Well, then everybody’s aggrieved and we can all blame some fictional fantasy of what white people are and say, “Oh they’re all privileged,” which is hilarious. I know a lot of people who had it worse than me and I come from a lower-class blue collar. My father worked two jobs and he was a firefighter. And this idea that we were privileged is just hilarious, but nevertheless they push that because it fits their narrative. So, if you disagree, you simply, “Oh, you don’t understand how privileged you are.”


Trish Regan:               What I really fundamentally believe is that we have to fix society so that every single person really has a fair shot, Dan. So, if you’re living in the inner city of Baltimore, you’ve got as good as shot to an education as little old me growing up in New Hampshire. And that’s really the differentiating factor. And part of that, by the way, is family. Part of that is community. Part of that is embracing values of independence. And these are the things that really will enable more people.


                                    And it’s not just inner city of Baltimore. It’s also the Hills out in West Virginia, right? You’ve got to somehow ensure that enough Americans have access to opportunity and family values and all of these things that I think are pretty differentiating. And so, I mention this just because look, I mean, you can be, I don’t know, African American in this country, and if your parents, Kamala Harris is a great example. She counts as African American, but she had a very different kind of experience say than the kid who’s grown up in Harlem.


Dan Gainor:               Yeah and we all do. And so, the idea that there’s one racial experience for every group, that there’s one, Herman Cain, who was a friend of mine, he would talk about how hard he had it growing up, and then, he became a millionaire and ran for president. And Herman was a billion-percent believer in America and how great this country was, and he wouldn’t allow anybody to tell him otherwise. He would laugh at them because he was such a happy guy and he didn’t let them get him angry or anything like that.


                                    But so, we’re in this spot now where the Left foundationally doesn’t believe in America, doesn’t believe in the founding documents. Instead of the founding documents that were created in such a way to lead us down the path for freedom for all people, because that’s what they were, that’s the way they were written. All men are created equal and it took doing to make that truthful.


Trish Regan:               Yeah. And, but by the way, they get mad at you now, because it should have said “All men and women are created equal.” But someone said to me the other day, a friend of mine and I got a kick out of it because she said, by the way, I love American history, especially colonial history.


                                    But she said to me, “It’s like going after George Washington and saying, why did he have wooden teeth?” Because wooden teeth were what was available then. You have to have some respect, right, for the time and place and an understanding of how life has evolved and not completely hold all this against them because of the time in which they lived.


Dan Gainor:               Well, one of my favorite movies, the movie 1776 about the signing of the Declaration. At one point one of the characters, the John Adams character says, “History will never forgive us. What will history think?” Ben Franklin comes back like, “That we were gods? We’re men trying to put together a nation that a more forgiving God would make easier for us.” This had never been done before, the idea that they could just create it and oh, OK. We’re going to envision, make it perfect and equal for everybody when that wasn’t the case anywhere in the world.


Trish Regan:               I don’t get the method to their madness because at some point, well, I guess I get it. You break down society, right? You break down, you splinter society because it works politically to get all these groups against each other. And so, then you win and then what, how do you rebuild? Because I’m looking at other examples of societies that have done this, and there’s a kind of “rah, rah, rah” in Russia, right? A nostalgia for the greatness of Russia, or even you look at the pomp and circumstance of North Korea.


                                    At some point does the Left then have to say America’s the greatest because we’re a socialist nation that really believes in meritocracy, and they’re going to try and spin this in some other way, shape or form or are we just going to continue in this infinite fighting zone forever?


Dan Gainor:               They want to rebuild it in the, I don’t know if you’ve heard of the term “year zero,” but they want to start over. They don’t acknowledge the founding documents because they didn’t say what they want them to say, so they redo them. They don’t acknowledge American history, so they erase it. If you look at what happened during the cultural revolution in China, I think it’s very instructive.


                                    They destroyed statues, and we’re seeing that now around the world. They destroyed temples because they didn’t have that many churches. They destroyed churches too. And they went after anybody who opposes, they killed them.


Trish Regan:               It’s pretty wild. I’ve been looking for a really good book on the history of the fall of Rome. Let me know if you know any, because I want to try and understand any similarities that might’ve existed. Politically, it might’ve been a little bit different, but nonetheless, you had a group of people that were really living off the system. I happen to think that’s a big part of our problem.


                                    And when I talk about the socioeconomic challenges of different groups in this country, the way that you fix that is by enabling people to help themselves, help people help themselves, which means give them the opportunity to engage and participate in the American economy. But the more you just give out handouts, the more you say, OK, we’re going to give out checks $400 a week for unemployment.


                                    And by the way, Dan, just for perspective, during the Obama years, Obama was handing out 25 bucks a week in federal unemployment. So, $400 is quite an inflationary number, but if you’re doing $400 a week on unemployment, then you’ve got another $200, $300 coming from the state. Before you know it, what’s the point in going and washing dishes or getting your first job at McDonald’s and learning the responsibility of going to work, etc.?


                                    I really think it’s a destructive process. And I think that a lot of groups have been hit by this if you go back to the ’60s via welfare, etc. It does not have the intended consequence of helping people.


Dan Gainor:               I don’t think they want to help people. You’ve got this very naive idea by Andrew Yang of the UBI, the universal basic income where everybody just gets an income and we all get it from government and then some people, OK, if you can figure out how to live on that or live on the edges, you don’t get a job. You just goof off or do what you want. And that undermines one of the foundational elements of America, which again, they don’t like America, but foundation is a Protestant work ethic.


                                    The reason why America, the reason why we created the vaccine before anybody else. The reason why we strive go to the moon before anybody else. The reason why we just had a helicopter on Mars is because of the Protestant work ethic. It doesn’t mean you have to be Protestant. It is just the American work ethic. They want to destroy it because they don’t like it, and look at what they’ve done in the last year to destroy it.


                                    They have gutted small businesses in the quest for oh, we’re going to protect you from COVID, so we’re going to help Walmart, help Amazon, and destroy the corner hardware store and the other corner businesses because they’re bad, but Walmart and Amazon are good. But that’s nuts. But they did it and they gutted small businesses in this country.


Trish Regan:               Very disturbing. Look, I know that we’ve been divided at various times in our country before, but Dan, I don’t know if I just feel it more because I’m close to it and I see the hate. I see a lot of hate on social media. I see people just have visceral reactions on Twitter and it’s gotten worse. I suspect that’s because they’ve really shut down conservatives.


                                    So, if I tweet something out, I immediately will see just this pouring out of total hate. Less negative on Parler. I actually see a more hospitable environment there, but again, it’s probably a people that are more aligned with my views on freedom and economic freedom. But I don’t like it. I think that we are in a very, very bad spot where it’s almost like, you know when you’re kind of anonymous if you’re in your car? I’ve always noticed this – people will honk or they’ll be really angry as a driver. It’s the same kind of thing on social media.


Interviewee:                Well, it’s also that a lot of social media has got thorny accounts, bots, or just people who run 2,200, 2,000 phony accounts. It’s one of the reasons why the Media Research Center and a whole bunch of organizations basically urge the state attorney general, a letter that just came out literally an hour ago calling for them to investigate the big social media companies to see if they violated consumer protection law.


                                    Because here’s the thing. They all say that they’re neutral and we know they’re not. Jack Dorsey is no more neutral than your average liberal apparatchik and Facebook the same way, Google the same way. They tell you they’re neutral, but in reality, they’re not. So, if they’re not neutral and you’re telling me you’re neutral, is that a violation of the law? We don’t know. And that’s where you get attorney general involve.


                                    Look, I hate having to rely on courts to sort out things, but when the social media companies aren’t, look, they banned the President of the United States. Once they banned the President of the United States, and 17 different platforms banned Trump, once they did that, they figured they were unstoppable. And so, they went from talking about banning individuals to banning news organizations in one big leap.


                                    Literally in the space of a few days from, oh, we got rid of the President of the United States. Hey, let’s get rid of Fox, OEN, Newsmax, and anybody else that opposes us. That’s what happens in a totalitarian state, not what happens in a free nation.


Trish Regan:               What’s the answer? Listen, I think the country is not as woke as they try to make it. I actually think everyday people are far more sensible and are probably, they may not be super conservative, but the barometer of the country is probably to the Right of center. So, how do you have those values reflected in our government? What is the path forward? You and I have talked before about how the Republican party or conservatives in general just need to be smarter about where they’re investing and putting efforts.


                                    Yes, they had a big presence on talk radio with Rush Limbaugh, and Parler is probably a smart idea, but you’ve got to be smart enough to figure out how do you have a workaround when you’ve got Google, Apple, and Amazon all out to get you in part just because you’re competition, not even just politically speaking, but how do you, I love what Ben Shapiro’s doing, right? He’s trying to invest in some more conservative style Hollywood projects. Is that a path forward?


Dan Gainor:               I think the path forward is every single one of us has to say, “No more.” And if you’re a mom or dad in a small community, you have to get involved. Share conservative thought among your friends.


Trish Regan:               People are afraid, Dan. People are afraid. They are scared. They’re scared to lose their job. They’re scared to lose their circle of friends. They’re afraid to say “Boo.”


Dan Gainor:               Yeah. I’m reminded of the Niemoller quote. And again, all experiences from history are not the same for now. It’s not like we’re, it’s not like the Nazis are coming for the conservative movement, but if you don’t stand up now, who will stand with you later? Gina Carano stood up and lost her job, but then new opportunities opened up.


                                    If you don’t stand up, particularly if you’re parents and you don’t stand up now, what future are you leaving for your kids? If you’ve got family out there, if Constitution matters for you, our founding fathers put at risk their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor. Do we have an obligation to do just as much? Yes, we do.


Trish Regan:               Wow. You’re right. It’s important for people to remember that they do have a voice and they should exercise that voice. And as long as we have the Constitution as we have it with our First Amendment, we should as a nation welcome many different opinions. Because to me, you get to the best conclusion when you have the most information and you also have empathy for all different sides, and they’ve lost that.


                                    We’ve lost that I think empathy for understanding how different people feel. Dan Gainor, it is great to have you. So, I want to make sure that people know where to find you. They can find you on Twitter at Dan Gainor and then Media Research Center. You said that they’re just out with a new report?


Dan Gainor:               Yeah. We just came out with this letter signed by tons of prominent conservatives from Conservative America and Will Chamberlain from Human Events, and just down the line. It’s like 60, 70 names or some huge number and you can find it on If you like the MRC, go to, sign up for our newsletters. If you’re, because I know a lot of people with money listen to you and so get involved.


                                    You don’t have to give the money to us, but get involved funding conservative projects. Help us, help somebody else, help nonprofits. Fund for-profits. Fund new opportunities. Fund new websites, new apps, and new ideas. Because if we don’t, you’re going to be left with a future where they take your money, take all of it, and they’re not going to care you’re crying about it.


Trish Regan:               Yeah, no, I think we’re going to be left with a future where our country is a fraction of what it was. China will become the new USA in a very different way from a productivity and economic and military level. They could become the next USA. I used to say, Dan, you’ve probably heard me say we might become the next France, but these days I’d take France. These days I’d take France because my worry is we become the next Venezuela.


                                    Anyway, Dan Gainor, everyone from the Media Research Center. My friend, thank you so much for joining us today. Much appreciated.


Dan Gainor:               Thank you. It’s been a pleasure.


Trish Regan:               What we’ve learned today, I think is that we need to stand up for our country. We need to stand up for our values and it’s hard. It’s not easy, especially in light of social media and cancel culture, one of which feeds the other. And yet we need to push forward with the values that we hold dear. For me anyway, that includes our freedom of speech.


                                    It includes our freedom to prosper, which means enough with the handouts and the taxation. Let’s get our economy open and let’s appreciate one another in a meaningful way so that we can come to the best outcome. You need to have a lot of diverse opinion in there so that you can actually make smart, informed decisions.


                                    And every American, I don’t care what party you’re in, we need to embrace that. We need to embrace and honor our freedom. Thank you so much for listening. I want to encourage all of you to go to where you can get my daily commentary. Go to where you can hear from me in my long-form writings, longer articles.


                                    You can make sure you subscribe to the magazine and get daily e-mails from all of us at American Consequences. I look forward to talking with all of you again next week. Thank you so much for listening.


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