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Cyber Crime – The Biggest Threat to America’s Safety

Episode #41  |  June 23rd, 2021
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In This Episode:

Another day, another hack attack headline – from the Colonial Pipeline breach to Brazil’s JBS (the world’s largest beef supplier) and Texas’ SolarWinds falling compromised to Russian hackers, it’s clear that America’s digitally exposed. 

Our companies and citizens are all potential victims of a winking Putin’s state-sanctioned hacking pirates. His cyber minions gun from their keyboards to disrupt our power and food sectors, the very bedrocks of our civilization. 

 And in lieu of the Pentagon stepping in, the private cybersecurity space will be an essential one in the coming years from both a national security and investment perspective. In short, we need to protect ourselves, America – because we are not safe.

Morgan Wright, a cybersecurity and digital terrorism analyst, tells Trish Regan that the Colonial Pipeline attack was a watershed moment for the U.S., alerting us to the visceral repercussions of hacker attacks. And he hopes this newly heightened national vigilance will translate into actual policy change and personal accountability as our country battens down our digital hatches.  

The two also discuss how woefully obsolete the tech is in many U.S. government agencies, America’s need to transition from reactionary to proactive on the digital defense front, and the safest investing plays in the cybersecurity space.


Morgan Wright

Chief Security Advisor at SentinelOne | Cybersecurity/Terrorism Analyst
Morgan is an internationally recognized expert on cybersecurity strategy, cyber terrorism, and advanced technology. He is also Chief Security Advisor at SentinelOne.

Episode Extras:

  • American software companies now protect banks, energy supplies, and personal data with newer cybersecurity measures of AI and machine learning – akin to our firewalls fighting fire with digital napalm. 
  • Russia uses Ukraine as a hacking-testing ground, with one of its most devastating cyber-attacks wiping out 80% of Ukrainian computers and disabling all the country’s ATMs – chaos inevitably ensued. The same could happen stateside. 
  • As Zoomer-approved as it may be, the Internet of Everything approach to life opens us up to even more hacking vulnerabilities, with every digital device connection offering up another opportunity for rogue blackhat cybercriminals. Do you need that Smart Fridge?
  • If Uber is more of a software than a car company, Colonial Pipeline’s no different. The DarkSide ransomware didn’t affect the energy company’s operational technology or actual machines – instead, the hackers seeped into their admin, shutting down their data collection. In short, it was more about information than oil.
  • Somewhere in a dim DC office, there’s a government bureaucrat crouched over a clunky PC running Windows 2000. Sadly, public sector IT infrastructure is often obscenely antiquated (and a hacker’s paradise). 
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