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Episode #7  |  October 28th, 2020
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The outcome of the next few days is critical to the American economy and our international standing. Former NFL star and current Republican nominee for Utah’s 4th congressional district, Burgess Owens breaks down Democratic elitism and the pursuit of the American Dream today. Then, financial editor at the Media Research Center, Dan Gainor, brings up a topic that mainstream media doesn’t want anyone to acknowledge: Leftist media bias. Andy Ngo, editor at large for the Post Millennial, talks about his experience with Antifa’s radical plan to destroy democracy. Who is really behind the riots going on? That and more on this episode of American Consequences with Trish Regan. Subscribe to the podcast to be notified for every new episode.


Andy Ngo

Editor at large for the Post Millennial
Ngo began his career as a multimedia editor for the Portland State University student newspaper, The Vanguard. He came to national attention when he was dismissed in 2017 after publishing a video to Twitter that the paper's editor-in-chief said was out of context and violated journalist ethics. Ngo responded publicly in a piece in the National Review disputing that he made any misrepresentation. While reporting on a 2019 Proud Boys march in Portland, Ngo was attacked and injured by counter protesters. Ngo was hit with a milkshake and claimed that blows to his head caused him to suffer a brain injury. He blamed antifa activists for the assault. Ngo later testified on antifa and related First Amendment issues before a U.S. House subcommittee.

Burgess Owens

Former NFL star and current Republican nominee for Utah’s 4th congressional district
Burgess Owens is a former University of Miami and NFL star who travels the country delivering a message of optimism, hope, and unity. He spent his childhood growing up in the Deep South during a time when the barriers of segregation were being torn down. As the third black American granted a scholarship to play football at the University of Miami, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology/Chemistry. During his college career, Burgess was named to Who’s Who Among College Students in American Universities and Colleges. He was inducted to the Hall of Fame of Outstanding College Athletes of America and later to the University of Miami’s Hall of Fame and the Orange Bowl Ring of Honor. Following college, Burgess was the 13th player drafted in the 1st round by the NY Jets. He was selected that year as the Jets’ Rookie of the Year and to the NFL’s All-Rookie team. After being traded to the Oakland Raiders, Burgess led the Raiders defensive squad in tackles on their way to the 1980 Super Bowl Championship. Since retiring from the NFL, Burgess has devoted his time to mentoring and improving the lives of our next generation of leaders. He founded Second Chance 4 Youth; a Utah based non-profit organization dedicated to helping troubled an incarcerated youth. Burgess is an outspoken advocate for conservative values and intends to return Utah’s 4th Congressional District back to Republicans.

Dan Gainor

financial editor at the Media Research Center
He heads up both our MRC Business and MRC Culture departments, including our popular Soros Project. He is a veteran editor with more than three decades of experience in print and online media. Prior to joining the MRC, Gainor served as an editor at several newspapers includingThe Washington Times and The Baltimore News American. Mr. Gainor also has extensive experience in online publishing – holding the position of managing editor for, the Web site of Congressional Quarterly, and executive editor for ChangeWave, then-published by Phillips International. He worked in financial publishing launching new services for ChangeWave and Agora Inc.


Announcer:                 This is American Consequences With Trish Regan, a view of things you won’t get anywhere else. Trish talks the Fed, the White House and the world like no one. The biggest guests and best analysis starts right now. Here’s Trish Regan.


Trish Regan:               Less than a week to go, everyone. I am Trish Regan. You’re listening to American Consequences With Trish Regan. And the next few days are going to be pretty telling in terms of what happens to our country over the next four years. There’s so much at stake when you think about the cultural impact of what the Left has been doing right now. When you think about the economic impact, what it’s going to mean for our markets, what it’s going to mean for our economy.

And when you think about the international impact in terms of our standing in the world, these are three areas that are very, very important to my next guest I have with me today. And I’m thrilled to have with me today my good friend, Burgess Owens. Burgess Owens, the famed athlete, 1980 Super Bowl champion who is now the Republican nominee for Utah’s fourth congressional district. I am so happy to have you here, Burgess. Welcome.


Burgess Owens:          Trish, thank you so much. It’s good talking with you again, my friend. It really is. And keep it going, because your voice is so important for our country and the division. So I’m thankful to have an opportunity to chat with you again for sure.


Trish Regan:               Well thank you, Burgess. I would say the same to you because you’re outside the norm in many ways. But I think that you talk about these issues and these policies with so much heart, right? I mean, I know how important it is to you, especially when you look at minority communities all across the country that now are seeing their schools shut down with no options…  of school vouchers to go to a private school. It feels like when you look at 47 years of Joe Biden and all this talk about trying to help his constituents, I look at it and say, “But what really has changed?” You know, we need to be actually putting forth policies I think that will actually be meaningful in people’s lives, giving them a chance to participate in a meritocracy as opposed to getting a bunch of handouts. But I know how important this is to you. So I’ll turn it over to you to get your thoughts.


Burgess Owens:          Well, you just nailed it. You know, what Americans want – and it doesn’t matter what our race, color, creed, or religion – we just want hope and the opportunity to experience the American Dream. And we’ve seen with the latest – and the news has made that point…  I grew up in the Deep South in the ’60s. Even though it was segregated and with Jim Crow laws, we had a remarkable community because we believed in the American Way. We believed in education and the faith and free market and the family unit. And because of that, we were very competitive. We were actually leading the country in the growth of the middle class – men, particularly, in college… percentage of entrepreneurs over 40%… and men committed to marriage.

And that’s turned upside-down and was not due to white supremacists. It was due to Black elitists – elitism has been our greatest enemy. And the elitists are what we find within a Democratic party. And for 47 years of Biden, that’s what he’s been all about. He’s been elitist. Those people care more about themselves – their power, their profitability – than they care about our country. And thank goodness we have a President Trump who shows what a loving leadership looks like. And it’s driving the Left nuts. It really is. They have no idea how to deal with it, when you have truth on your side, and you have the American people waking up.

So I’m excited about being just part of that equation. I never thought I’d go into this arena of being a politician. But I tell you what we’re finding out. We all have our part. And I appreciate the opportunity you are playing as part of this great team to get the word, to educate ourselves. And once we do that, once we wake up…  I used to say in the old days, “We just win, baby.” And that’s what’s happening right now. We’re waking up. Democrats, Independents, and Republicans are having conversation that we, the people, need to have in realizing that we have the same end game.

We might get there a little differently. We want a greater future for ourselves and our families, and we’re going against the radical Left who hates everything we’re about. They hate everything – education, faith, the free market, and the family unit. They turn it upside-down. And we saw within our community, in the Black community. We’re now seeing it across our country. And we’re standing up against it, and I’m thankful for being in Utah – by the way. It’s Here that we can fight against that and, of course, across our country. And I look forward to that.


Trish Regan:               Yeah. Well, we’re coming down to the final countdown there. I want to get back to this issue of economic equality because I know how important it is to you. And I think that a lot of headway has been made on that front. But tell me about Utah. So you’re running for Congress. And I know this was a big step for you. But it makes sense, given what I know about you and given how passionate you are about these issues, what are you seeing in Utah?


Burgess Owens:          Well, Utah represents the values of our nation. It represents the values I grew up in. That’s why for me it’s really just coming home. It’s the values I just mentioned before. The focus and the commitment to educating ourselves and our kids to faith, whatever that faith looks like. We should all understand there’s a God in heaven that’s given us this great opportunity to live in this country. The free market, those entrepreneurs – innovators that will always try to find another way around the obstacles and do such a good job – all of us, including yourself, to take risk.

Because we realize at some point through the process, we will win if we just keep our dream ahead of us. And the last thing is a family unit. So that’s what’s represented here. And Utah has between one and three of must-have on both sides. So I’m really blessed. When I say both sides, the Democrats must have this seat to keep their power and their chaos and keep the House. We must have it to keep our country and our culture. I love the fact that I can tell my potential constituents that we literally have a 230-plus-year history of our country, it can be the lynchpin of our nation… that our values here can direct our country back to what we’ve always believed in, our founders put in place.

So I’m excited about the opportunity. I’m excited about being here in Utah. And, Trish, what I do believe? I have total faith in American people and total faith in Utahans that we do the right thing at the right time for the right reasons, and we drift toward the light instinctively. So I feel really good about 2020 and just get ready for a great Renaissance. Once we get back the House, keep the Senate, allow the president to continue his policies to put America first, the next four years will be a true coming-together harmony in getting rid of this divisiveness. Because once America’s winning together, there’s nothing like us. We are the best when we start winning. So get ready for it.


Trish Regan:               Well, you know what? You’re talking about something that I think is pretty universal, right? And again. Doesn’t matter the color of your skin. Doesn’t matter your gender. I mean, I don’t care about any of that. I think that the American Dream is something that’s pretty intrinsic, right? To all of us. And we all want the chance to be able to take care of ourselves and take care of our families.

You know, and look, I don’t believe economics has to be political. JFK cut taxes, right? But it’s become political. And there’s this sense from the Democrats… that you just give people a little bit, just enough of a handout to get by and exist, but not enough to really empower them to go onto great things. And you mentioned a lot of things that are important components of that. You know, this is like territory that you’re not supposed to go into. I get it.

But look. The reality is, having two parents is generally an indicator of a better outcome than having only one. Because let’s just face it. It’s hard. It’s hard being a parent. And if there’s only one person to parent those children, it’s more of a burden. It’s more stress on that parent. So you know, I get it. Not everybody’s meant to be married or married forever. And I’m not encouraging anybody to be in a bad marriage. But listen. For kids, right – for our society, for our culture – I think, Burgess, we want to continue sort of the idea. Right? And this love of the American family as opposed to downplaying it.


Burgess Owens:          There’s so much to what you said. At the end of the day, the family unit is key. As I mentioned before – and I know these are difficult times. But at the end of the day, if a mom or dad can fight through the process, keep the focus on their kids and then be the best they can be for their partner, good things can happen. And that’s what actually should happen again in the Black community, where we led our country and the men committed to marriage. Men were doing their job to fight for and make sure they took care of their wives and their kids.

That’s what it was all about. If I can just say this…  the promise of our country, to keep those four tenets in mind – education, faith, the family unit and the free market – anyone, any race, any culture that comes to this country and commits to that is literally within one generation of being part of the middle class. And those of us who fall out of that from failure like I did when I came out of the NFL, within years of getting back. That’s the promise. You keep those commitments, and you stay focused on that. We  can thrive. And that’s what the country has always been good at.

And again. That’s what the hard Left, the radical Left, wants to destroy. And every place they touch, anything they touch – whether it be the family, whether it be NFL, whether it be MBA, whether it be the DOJ – they will destroy anything they touch because they don’t know how to build. They only know how to destroy. And they take glee. As you look at Portland and Seattle, they take glee in going out at night and destroying other people’s property. We have to make sure we’re fighting for the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness which the founders understood was property. If we can own things, we have a stake. And we need to make sure we keep that process moving forward to give everybody the opportunity to own and move forward and build their dreams.


Trish Regan:               We’re talking to the famous athlete Burgess Owens who is now running as the Republican nominee for Utah’s fourth congressional district. You can go to Burgess4Utah. You know, one of the things, Burgess, that we heard Joe Biden say recently was on podcast. And he said, “America was just an idea. Just an idea. And it’s an idea, he said, “that we haven’t lived up to.” Now, that doesn’t sit so well I think with a lot of people – certainly not with me. I suspect not with you – only because I think believing in something…  right, having that patriotism, believing in your country – that’s half the battle, right?

Because it’s about believing in yourself. And there is an optimism I believe that is very, very much needed, right? You got to be able to look at the glass as half-full. If you believe that the world is just stacked against you – the odds are stacked against you, and there’s no chance that you can succeed because of the color of your skin or the gender… that you are that America doesn’t exist for you because it was just an idea…  doesn’t that make it harder for you to go out there and face the world?


Burgess Owens:          Totally. And that’s what the Left does. It’s a place of darkness. As Biden talks about a dark winter, our president’s talking about a bright future. You know. it’s interesting because, no, we’re not an idea. We’re a great experiment. We are the experiment of freedom. Our country’s built on Judeo-Christian values and also a Constitutional republic which says that we, the people, get better every single generation. As someone who grew up in the Deep South in which there were colored bathrooms and white-women bathroom and white men, I now can say 50 years later, no country gets better than we do.

Because we look at each other from inside-out versus outside-in like no other country has. So we have to always remember that we are a place that we encourage people to dream big – to go out and encourage to explore, to get past those boundaries we see in front of us. That’s who we are. That’s what we always have been. It is only the Left who takes God out of the center of our lives that says that we cannot achieve unless we depend on some other man to do it for us. That’s what we’re fighting against. And I tell you, this is the great thing about where we are today. There’s no more gray. There’s light, and there’s darkness. We have to, as a country, decide which way we decide, which way we go. Because we have to deal with the consequences.

And I will say this. We have intrinsically in the past gone toward the light. We are a country of miracles – that’s what 2016 was all about. And I still believe in the American people. I still believe that we will drift toward the light. And that light means that it’s a country for all of us to come together, get past this negativity that the Left wants to keep us in and move forward to know that we can achieve anything we want to if we just come together, work hard, have our faith, have our families we commit to, and take a risk for those of us who have to go out and start their own businesses… do that and teach others how to do the same.


Trish Regan:               You know, I love talking to you. You’re so inspirational. We’re talking with Burgess Owens, everyone. You can follow him on Twitter @BurgessOwens. His Website is And Burgess, let me just ask you this… Because look, I’m a woman. And I like to consider myself – unfortunately the Left has sort of taken over this term. But at its root, I consider feminism and a feminist to be somebody who believes in the equality of men and women.

But you know, I’m not allowed to be a feminist apparently because they’ve taken that space. And you can’t actually have conservative values and be somebody who believes in the equality for women for whatever reason – which I think is complete, utter baloney. And Amy Coney Barrett is good proof of that. But nonetheless, how do you feel when you get sort of tagged? Do people say, “Oh. You’re betraying your community because you’re out there talking about conservative economic values, conservative family values and” – you know it doesn’t really gel with where many people on the Left are right now.


Trish Regan:               Well, according to good old Joe, “I ain’t Black” now. So I totally get that. I totally get – here’s the thing, Trish, that what I’m excited about. We’re so over that. We’re over that. We’re so done with trying to be intimidated by those who call us names because we believe in American way. We’re so done with that. And that’s what’s happened out in the Black community. We’re leaving the plantation – Blacks, Hispanics, gays, you name it. We’re leaving that plantation because we will no longer be intimidated by bullies and cowards. And we need to make sure that when we get back in Congress, we need to start teaching our kids how to love our country, know our history… because these professors are turning things around in this safe space by turning our kids into people who hate our country and come out with that. We’ve got to change that by getting the right people in office.

So just know this. I just focus on just a little bit of what’s happening around our country. People across our country that have been segued into a certain place because of their exterior – that no longer works for us. We now see what a president who comes in and pulls back the curtains who we truly are – we should love our nation. Don’t worry about the personalities. Let’s worry about the policies. We get that done with, and we’ll come back so strong and be, again, a country that we can hopefully be very proud of for sure.


Trish Regan:               We haven’t heard enough about the policy from Joe Biden, in part because it’s policy that I suspect he knows would not actually play in Peoria, as they say, and really sit well with most Americans. Because we’re not. We’re just not socialists at heart. We are freedom-loving capitalists. And, hey, it may not be perfect, Burgess, but it sure beats the alternative. Listen. I wish you all the luck, sir. Thank you for coming on. I hope you come back because you really do have a message that needs to be heard. And it’s a message importantly of empowerment.


Burgess Owens:          Thank you, Trish. You’ve always been one of my favorites, and I look forward to doing this again as soon as we can. Burgess4Utah. And thanks again. I really appreciate it, my friend. For sure.


Trish Regan:               Burgess4Utah, @BurgessOwens. Thank you. You’re listening to American Consequences With Trish Regan. And Joe Biden, he’s had a lot of gaps along the way, right? I mean, he can’t seem to remember sometimes what office he’s running for. He seems to think it’s the Senate. I get that he’s run for the Senate many, many times. He’s run for the president many, many times as well. But you know, that’s one of the issues. And then, of course, there’s the issue of whose administration… it would be talks about the Harris administration. Perhaps he knows something we don’t.

And then, well, there was this little blunder – this little one that just happened. You know, one of the things they tend to ask you when they want to check for your cognitive ability is, “Who’s the president of the United States?” And you should be able to respond, right, who the president of the United States is. Well, he was on live television the other night or Zoom, I should say, doing this “get out the vote” concert. And he started talking and… well, let’s just say, no, George Bush is not president of the United States. Let’s run the clip.


Recorded voice:          “Four more years of George. He’s going to find ourselves in a position where, if Trump gets elected, we’re going to be in a different world.”


Trish Regan:               So now, what’s great about that – and you can’t see it – but his wife Jill was seated right next to him. And as he keeps saying “George, George,” you can see her very quietly under her breath muttering, “Trump. Trump.” So eventually, he corrects himself sort of. But you know, it’s this kind of stuff. And you know what? It gets no coverage whatsoever in the mainstream media, which Donald Trump pointed out and had a little bit of fun with. You know, he does something wrong and, boom, it blasts all the headlines. But if Joe Biden, say, forgets who’s the president of the United States? Crickets. Anyway. Joining me right now to talk about this media bias, which is pretty rampant, is none other than my friend, Dan Gainor, from the Media Research Center. Dan, welcome.


Dan Gainor:               Well, thank you. Yeah. That’s one of my favorite Biden clips. My other favorite one from this week was where his wife Jill is talking on stage. And he’s just sort of wandering around behind her and he looks just kind of lost. I mean, look. Here’s a man who serves his country for 47 years. And I hate what they’re doing to him because I think it’s pretty obvious to anybody who’s honest about it that he is not capable of doing what they’re asking him to do. And so, they’re covering for him. And it’s like a bad West Wing episode.


Trish Regan:               Yeah. But they put Kamala Harris there, right? You know, her husband the other day got up on stage and said something about how, “I’m married to the next president of the United States” – to which I thought, “OK, so again, maybe he knows something that we don’t.” But is that because they need to make sure that there’s somebody there that is firing on all cylinders?


Dan Gainor:               Well, I mean look, the party is so much farther Left than Joe Biden historically has been. He’s got a weird history. When you’re around that long, you kind of move back and forth depending on the wind. But Kamala Harris is the preferred candidate of the Far-Left out of the two. And the press loved her. Remember, the press gave her a lot of love even though she did horrendously during the primary. I mean we’re not talking bad. I mean, we were talking at one point, she was polling like 1% of African-American support.


Trish Regan:               Yeah, it was sort of strange. I actually would include myself in the group that was impressed with her. I didn’t love her policies, but I mean, she kind of seems like she’s right out of Central Casting, right? And I saw her as somebody who would be a formidable opponent. And I still do in some ways, except that for whatever reason she just doesn’t have that appeal, to your point. She was polling so poorly.


Dan Gainor:               Well look, I don’t have the great broadcasting voice. And she doesn’t either. And that’s a bad sign. That watching her debate Mike Pence, she sounded shrill as she can’t help that. That’s just her voice. But that doesn’t help you in dealing with the public. And when you’re saying increasingly kind of weird things as the Left has done, you have to deliver it in a nice, mellow Mike Pence tone.


Trish Regan:               He’s a gifted order in that sense. And he’s had time to really hone his skills. He was a radio host for many years, and I’m always impressed by Mike Pence because I’ve interviewed him many times. And you try and push and push, and you kind of try and break the ice and break the barrier. And let me tell you. Mike Pence knows what he wants to say, and he’s going straight for what he wants to say. It doesn’t matter the kind of question that you ask. But it’s a skill, right?

And he does it in a warm way, in a calm way… doesn’t seem phony. Meanwhile, Donald Trump – he just answers the question, right? Sometimes it gets him in a lot of trouble because he really does answer the question. And then, well Kamala Harris… I guess she in some ways, Dan, has the worst of both worlds because she doesn’t have sort of the trained media personality, but she is a trained politician. So she doesn’t really answer the question. Let me move on to what we saw, speaking of Mike Pence, because I was struck at the 60 Minutes airing on Sunday. They used very, very little of Mike Pence. I mean, just a couple of minutes.

And I thought, “Well, it must be because he didn’t give them anything good.” But there were these moments, right, where I kind of felt like the reporter really was going in with an agenda. And, you know, I get it. It’s CBS News, and it’s 60 Minutes. But at one point, they have this back-and-forth about the Trump campaign being spied upon. And I want to play it for the listener. We’re talking to Dan Gainor from Media Research Center to get Dan’s view on this. But let’s listen here to cut to Trump with Lesley Stahl talking about the spying on his campaign.


Recorded voice:          They spied on my campaign last week.


Recorded voice:          You know, there’s no real evidence of that.


Recorded voice:          Of course there is. It’s all over the place. Lesley, they spied on my campaign, and they got caught.


Recorded voice:          Can I say something? You know, this is 60 Minutes, and we can’t put on things we can’t view –


Recorded voice:          You won’t put it on because it’s bad for Biden.


Recorded voice:          We can’t put on things we can’t verify.


Recorded voice:          Lesley, they spied on my campaign.


Recorded voice:          Well, we can’t verify that.


Recorded voice:          It’s been totally verified.


Recorded voice:          No.


Trish Regan:               So here’s what we do now, Dan. We know that the research that was used for the FISA warrant to get on Carter Page so that they could wiretap his phone… that research was bought and paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign. So it was opposition research. They hired Christopher Steele, this expert-ish spy who, by the way, in turn went and hired a guy whom our own FBI was suspicious of and believed at the time. Mike B., a Russian spy… so this is the guy doing the research for Christopher Steele. Honestly, you can’t make it up… that Hillary Clinton is paying for… that makes its way to the FBI. They present it to the FISA court and never tell the judge it’s opposition research. And then, they get this FISA warrant to wiretap Carter Page. Now, I don’t… you can call it spying. You can call it wiretapping, whatever you want. But were you under the impression in that exchange that she just – it’s almost like she didn’t read the Mueller Report, Volume 1.


Dan Gainor:               Well no, it’s not that she didn’t read it… she doesn’t accept it because it goes against her narrative. And so, I mean, she did that with the spying… she ends up debating the candidate. That’s not her role, you know? So if you listen to what she’s saying – well, this is 60 Minutes… “We’re going to say what we want to say and not what you want to say.” Which is why Trump, very wisely, advocated this to CEOs for years. If you know you’ve got an opposition interview and you know it’s going to be bad, the way to deal with it is to tape it and tell them you’re going to release the tape afterward if they do an unfair story.


Trish Regan:               No. I think that’s actually –


Dan Gainor:               And Trump did it beforehand.


Trish Regan:               You know what Jack Welch used to tell me? I interviewed him a bunch of times over the years. And so, he had been interviewed by 60 Minutes once. It was like the only time he did a taped thing. And I think, you know, you live and learn because he said to me, “I once asked them, ‘Hey you know, Jack, would you do this interview to tape?'” And he said, “No. I never do interviews to tape. Never.” He said, “Because they can take what I say, and they can distort it, and they can use it out of context. And they can insert lines of track and this, that and the other. And I thought that was really – he’s like, “I will not do it.” And so, I was a little – I was impressed. I agree with you. It was the right thing to do for the president to put the whole thing out there. But in some respects, I’m kind of like, “Why even do it?” Like, you know what their agenda is, right?


Dan Gainor:               Well, and the problem is, their agenda ends up being the agenda of – you know, I mean, pretty much every major media outlet out there. And you’re talking about ABC, CBS, NBC, the Washington Post, New York Times. You know, the newer media like Axios. You can’t trust any of them because all the reporters want to move up in the hierarchy of traditional journalism.

And the way to do that is to get Republicans, to get conservatives to hit jobs on the particular – hit jobs on Trump or anybody supportive of Trump. And so if that’s the case – and to give you an example, we do this periodic monthly tally of how bad media coverage is. And the latest numbers came out today. And it’s 92 – the ABC, CBS and NBC evening news shows. 92% negative about Trump, 66% positive about Biden. That’s the world we live in.


Trish Regan:               But do they really know that? Do you think they understand that? See, I think the media could be really surprised on November 4th when they learn that basically people didn’t just buy their narrative. I mean, in some ways it’s like you start dismissing what the mainstream media says because it’s so constant. You just get bombarded with this negativity.


Dan Gainor:               I think there is some of that. I think when people vote this week or have already voted, I think there are two major issues that they’re voting on that are not Trump. One of them is voting against the media. And another of them is the most obvious – do you want America opened, or do you want endless streams of closings and shut-downs and people shutting down your church and shutting down your schools and parents being basically trapped in their homes because now they have to be 24/7 caregivers to their children? And, I mean, I don’t think the media grasps what a significant issue that is with the American public.


Trish Regan:               I think you’re right. I think you’re right. Let me segue to what’s going on with this – I like to call them Tony Bobulinski? I know I’m not saying that right. So forgive me. I am probably mutilating his name. But this is the guy that was the business partner of Hunter Biden. And he’s come forward and he’s basically saying “yeah, Joe Biden was involved.” In fact, he said that Hunter Biden referred to his dad, Joe Biden, as his chairman. And the “big guy.” And now, there’s these alleged e-mails. Here is Tony B. in this press clip, this presser that he did, talking about his relationship with Hunter Biden. Here we go.


Recorded voice:          I received an e-mail concerning allocation of equity, which says, “10% held by H – for the big guy.” In that e-mail, there’s no question that “H” stands for Hunter, big guy for his father, Joe Biden. And “Jim” for Jim Biden. In fact, Hunter often referred to his father as the “big guy” or my chairman. On numerous occasions, it was made clear to me that Joe Biden’s involvement was not to be mentioned in writing but only face-to-face. In fact, I was advised by Gillian Walker that Hunter and Jim Biden were paranoid about keeping Joe Biden’s involvement secret.


Trish Regan:               Hmm. You know, we’ll see where this goes. Right now, it doesn’t look good. It doesn’t seem good. I get you can’t pick your family. But your family shouldn’t be out there trading on your name if you’re in politics. I mean, I really think that’s a time when you need this like separation of church and state at home. But all that said, what I’m struck by is the fact that it’s become almost a bigger story because the media, Big Media and Big Tech right now – Dan, they’re shutting it down.

And I look at it and I’m like, “Look. We ought to have a right to talk about this. For goodness sake, they didn’t shut down the dirty dossier, right?” The New York Post – forgive me, the New York Times and the Washington Post and all the media outlets were free to write about that opposition research. But this, you know… and by the way. That was disinformation as far as we can tell. But this, they’re saying, “Oh nope, we’re not going to talk about it because it’s disinformation.” What’s your thought on that?


Dan Gainor:               Well I mean, it’s the worst censorship our organization’s ever dealt with in 34 years. You’ve got a major news outlet coming out with these stories, and they say, “Oh, it’s hacked information.” Sort of like, “Oh, maybe someone’s criminally releasing the president’s tax returns or what is purported to be the president’s tax returns,” “Oh, that’s not hacked information.” So then, Twitter and Facebook shutting it down… Twitter shutting down the New York Post which is shut down to this moment today – still shut down almost two weeks later in the height of the election. Facebook violating its own policies about fact-checking to the point where the Lefty group that they deal with – the international fact-checking network – threw them under the bus and said what they did didn’t obey their own rules.

And, you know, this is not censorship. This is complete state control of information. “It’s going to make our candidate look bad. We won’t allow it.” Imagine what will happen if the Left takes over. Because, I mean, Big Tech overwhelmingly supporting Biden… Wall Street overwhelmingly supporting Biden… the media, like, 99% supporting Biden. Do you think you’re ever going to be allowed to report stuff that goes against the narrative?


Trish Regan:               No, no. I think it’s incredibly dangerous, and it’s really important that other viewpoints be welcome. I mean, intellectual diversity is vital to our country, and you need two sides of everything. But look, I’ve seen it myself. I ran into this myself, and I worked at what is considered a pretty conservative news organization. But once the Left gets ahold of a story and it just runs away from itself, it takes on a life of its own. And there’s very few people that are really willing to stand up to it.

But I think I worry… You’re right. If the Left is in control, increasingly this will become the norm. And I’ve had so many friends, actually, that have lived in places in Eastern Europe or in Venezuela or in Cuba. And they’re all struck by the similarity of what is happening right now in this country with the horrible experiences they went through in terms of freedom of speech and the lack of it, and the lack of a freedom of the press in these really horrible communist, socialist places, Dan.


Dan Gainor:               The only difference is, we’ve outsourced it to private industry. So the Mark Zuckerberg and Sundar Pichai and Jack Dorsey can decide all the information in our society. And you couple them with a couple Big Media people, and they broadcast networks of only devoting 16 minutes and 42 seconds to this story through Thursday of last week, out of 73.5 hours of –


Trish Regan:               And it was probably to tell you it was all bogus, phony information that can’t be verified and is somehow disinformation.


Dan Gainor:               Yeah. And ABC had done zero. ABC, which conveniently has a network anchor who used to be a PR flak for the Democratic party and still basically serves that role. He just doesn’t get paid to it.


Trish Regan:               I think this is a real, real problem. And I’m concerned about it. I think that what you are doing, sir – what you guys are doing, calling that out, is so important right now. It really is. I hope what I’m doing is important. I know a lot of people are tuning in, and I think that they have to kind of go out and seek their own sources in order to really get a fair representation of what’s going on in the world. But it’s increasingly challenging. And you’re right. It’s going to get worse if they are in control. Any sense of what’s going to happen in less than a week?


Dan Gainor:               Well, I mean, here’s what I’ll say. I mean, all the information, the polling, all says one thing. The facts on the ground say another. You know, the motivation, etc. But Donald Trump has defied the odds his entire career. The media have written 4,000 of, “This is going to be the end of Donald Trump,” stories. And it’s never been the end of Donald Trump. If you’re a betting man, you would bet – you bet winners. And Donald Trump is a winner.


Trish Regan:               Well, I’ll tell you this. JP Morgan thinks that the S&P is going to 3,900 if Donald Trump wins. I think that’s a pretty good indicator of what could happen. And I agree with you… he is a winner. Regardless of what happens, you know what? We have not seen the end of Donald Trump. If he’s not successful, I think he will still manage to have quite a hold on our society and on the party.

And if he is successful, then good. Because otherwise I think other people’s taxes are going to go up, or your income is going to go down. Take your pick. Dan Gainor, great to talk with you. @DanGainor is his Twitter handle. Website is He’s the vice president of Business and Culture for the MRC, the Media Research Center. And he’s on top of it. He’s watching everything that the Leftist media is doing right now, and we need that. Thank you, Dan.


Dan Gainor:               Thank you very much.


Trish Regan:               You know, one of the big issues in this election right now has come down to law and order. And increasingly over the last seven months, we have seen these riots that have been occurring all over the country. Antifa is behind a lot of them, the BLM movement behind a lot of them. Burgess Owens was just telling us a little earlier in the program how terrible it is,  how destructive it is for society and how dangerous it is for us as a country. Well, one of the people that has been tracking this from the very beginning, on the ground… tremendous reporter by the name of Andy Ngo.

He’s run into some issues of his own, having been attacked by antifa himself while he was out just trying to do his job. He is here with us right now. I’m so happy to welcome Andy Ngo, editor at large for the Post Millennial, and he’s the author of a soon-to-be-released book, Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy. It’s coming out February 2021. You can actually pre-order it right now. Andy, welcome to the program. It’s good to talk to you again


Andy Ngo:                   Thank you so much for having me on.


Trish Regan:               Tell me what’s happening right now in the days before the election. I mean, we saw a lot of turmoil there in Pennsylvania recently –  a response to a young Black man being killed by two police officers. And we’ve seen sort of the outbreak of a lot of these riots all over the country. Who’s really behind it, I would ask you? Let’s start there.


Andy Ngo:                   So last night, there was some violent rioting that broke out in West Philadelphia in response to the police shooting and killing of a Black man who charged at officers with a knife. Now, if we were a rational society about something, people would see that that’s not somebody to be – that’s not a killing that appears unjustified. But of course, 2020 has demonstrated that anything can be used as an excuse to riot.

And so, according to reports that I read, about 30 police officers who were injured, included a female sergeant who was hit by a car and had her leg broken. So I think what we’re witnessing is, as we get closer and closer to the election, in the end it’s kind of really immaterial if Trump or Biden wins. To antifa be allowed – in that their whole agenda is to destabilize this country, to drag out riots so that they waste taxpayer money, ruin morale in police departments. Yhe whole state and goal is to abolish the U.S. I think with days out from the election, I’m really concerned.

We’re already seeing, particularly important, various anti-groups already announcing what they’re going to be doing the whole week after the election. So it doesn’t matter who wins to them. It’s a wrong analysis to assume that if Biden was to win, riots will calm. They won’t. They lynchpin for them now is on any involved police-involved killing. It doesn’t matter if it’s justified or not.


Trish Regan:               That’s interesting to me. I think that’s a really important point that you’re bringing up. Because there is this sense that Donald Trump is to blame for everything and that he’s the one who’s creating this sort of agitation within some of these communities. But your point is that’s there because their goal is much bigger than taking down Trump. Their goal is something far more disastrous, it sounds like, for our future. Walk us through that. How is it you think that their goal really is to destroy the United States as we know it?


Andy Ngo:                   Well, if you look at sort of their ideology broadly, which has gained traction in mainstream, they don’t believe the U.S. is legitimate state. They think it’s founding – it’s based on capital slavery.. that that institution was never done away with… that this country is, in the words of Hillary Clinton, “deplorable”… irredeemable. And that they can’t even be reformed, must be destroyed. And then from these ashes, they can build a so-called utopia. But all you need to do is look at places where these Far-Left militants have gained control.

And unfortunately, we did get to see that a bit this year, the so-called autonomous zone in Seattle that the city heeded to them for three weeks was an area of anarchy and chaos and death. Literally. This is what their goal is for the entire country. And for listeners who are outside of, let’s say, progressive urban area, it seems like they’re insulated and protected. But that ideology has been mainstreamed more and more. I think that’s the biggest victory for antifa beyond this year. So we’re not going to be seeing this movement go away anytime soon.


Trish Regan:               And so, it’s just sort of been picking up. What about this idea that you somehow sort of placate it? I mean, Warner Brothers came out and gave the woman who’s the co-founder of the BLM movement – who, by the way, is like a self-declared Marxist. She volunteered that in an interview recently. Or trained Marxist, I should say. She she’s been given this big contract, I guess, by Warner Brothers. I’m not sure if the money goes to her or if it goes back to the cause. I have a suspicion it probably goes to her. I don’t know that.

But you think about her, you think about a lot of big banks coming out and saying, “OK well, we’re going to devote this much money to the BLM movement.” Corporations all over the country that feel like they have to sort of appease because maybe it’ll help. I mean, it sounds like you’re saying the more powerful they get, the more dangerous they could get? Or do you think that if you give them money and you bring them into the fold and they become more entrenched in corporate America there’s a chance that maybe some of the violence, etc., subsists?


Andy Ngo:                   You know, these Far-Left groups and movements in the U.S., they rail against corporate America and billionaires. But they are funded off the backs of whole corporations. And these businesses like Nike or Starbucks or Warner Brothers giving these monies and supporting these causes is, in my view, a protection money. And as we see, it’s never enough no matter what you do. And you can see, particularly in the businesses that have been targeted in some of these areas of riots, how they’re corporate businesses. So you can never pay enough for teaser money. They are giving these people the rope which to hang themselves.


Trish Regan:               How did this all start? I mean, can you trace its roots back to the anti-Wall Street movement?


Andy Ngo:                   It goes back further. So a lot of what I write in my upcoming book on masses about the origins of this ideology, it goes to my view… it’s formed out of critical theory, in academic theory that allows you interpret the words through comparing and contrasting power dynamics and how to challenge that. Of course, these theories have led to things like critical race theory where you apply that to race and other things. And it’s not just toxic ideology, it’s a wicked way of understanding the world because now every interaction – not just between groups of people but even from person-to-person – you are brainwashed into looking at who has more power and why.


Trish Regan:               And that’s not what we do, like, naturally as human beings. I just want to point out, you look at kids that all happily play together. That’s not who we are. It’s not what we do. It’s sort of like society comes in, and now you have to be like super aware. Super, super, super aware in a way that they think is healthy. But I would just say if we’re a fair, true meritocracy, we really shouldn’t see color. And we shouldn’t see race. And we shouldn’t see gender. You just kind of should accept people for who they are. Period.


Burgess Owens:          Yeah. I mean, that’s the paradox of these so-called anti-racists or social justice movements. It’s that through their brainwashing, they actually make racists in my opinion.


Trish Regan:               No, it’s a really good point. And look, it’s a scary time, and I know you’re going to continue to stay all over it. And you’ve been a phenomenal influence in terms of getting out the truth. I know on Twitter, people should follow you @MrAndyNgo. And your website is, and you’ve got the brand-new book coming out, Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy. Look, our democracy is our greatest strength. It can, in some ways I guess, be our greatest weakness because they can use it against us in ways that are quite powerful. But let’s just hope, Andy, that we triumph over all of this.


Burgess Owens:          Yes, thank you so much for having me on.


Trish Regan:               Andy Ngo, thank you. What a fascinating conversation. We heard from Dan Gainor, of course, at Media Research Center. We heard from Burgess Owens, who’s running for Congress and has such an optimistic outlook on America right now. We could use a little optimism, I think. Andy Ngo, who talked about the founding of antifa and what’s really behind it, and it’s important that we understand all of this, right? So many of these viewpoints – they’re getting shut down in America right now, and that’s really a dangerous place for us to be. We need to embrace intellectual diversity. We need to embrace all sides’ willingness, I should say, to listen to all sides. You don’t have to agree. But at least be willing to try and understand where other people are coming from.

And we should as Americans be willing to ask tough questions of all of our candidates. And that includes Joe Biden. Even if the media doesn’t want to ask what they need to ask them. Anyway, I will see you again right here on American Consequences next week. Make sure you download this podcast. And I will see you on my daily podcast, Trish Intel, which you can download at I write at as well. So make sure you go to all of these places. You can get all things Trish. And I will see you right back here on the podcast tomorrow and next week.


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