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American Consequences with Trish Regan Podcast

American Consequences with Trish Regan Podcast

Episode #22  |  February 11th, 2020
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In This Episode:

Famed investor Anthony Scaramucci details Bitcoin’s trajectory, explaining that it could be just as profitable for investors getting in now. Then, U.S. Texas Congressman Brian Babin explains how all this bloated spending in Washington threatens all Americans’ economic stability. 

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Each week, we take a deep dive into the latest political and financial happenings… But you won’t hear generic mainstream soundbites on our show — American Consequences pulls back the curtain on what’s really happening.

I speak with luminary insiders to get real insights on the nation’s top stories, whether I’m chatting with Ron Paul about Big Tech or getting stock market tips from the original Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort. 

I get to work in tandem with some of the nation’s sharpest thought leaders, from the radio powerhouse Buck Sexton to the literary giant P.J. O’Rourke. We take an unfiltered look at the stories that matter most, from the country’s economic wellbeing to the GameStop frenzy.

If you’re looking for an episode to start with, check out Episode 22 with Anthony Scaramucci. 

  • The Basics of Bitcoin: it’s a store of value that investors will treat like gold over time. It’s portable, transferable, safe, and scare, i.e., very valuable. 
  • Bitcoin is to cryptocurrency what Amazon is to retail, what Google is to search, and what Facebook is to social networks. 
  • If you had put $10,000 into Amazon on its IPO date in 1997, you’d now have 21 million dollars. Anthony Scaramucci details the history of Bitcoin’s evolution.
  • Bitcoin by the numbers: there are currently 21 million coins, 105 million users, and the price per coin has risen as high as $47,000

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Anthony Scaramucci

Former White House Press Secretary, & Entrepreneur, & founder of Sky Bridge
Anthony Scaramucci is Founder and Co-Managing Partner of SkyBridge focusing on marketing and business development. Prior to founding SkyBridge in 2005, Mr. Scaramucci co-founded investment partnership Oscar Capital Management, which was sold to Neuberger Berman, LLC in 2001.

Brian Babin

Representing the 36th district of Texas
Dr. Babin became involved in politics by supporting Ronald Reagan for President in 1980 as the Reagan County Chairman of Tyler County. Since that time he has worked to turn what had previously been a heavily Democrat region Republican by building a conservative voting base and encouraging and supporting good local candidates to run as Republicans.
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