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Unfiltered. Unwavering. Hard Hitting. Informative.

Each week, the American Consequences podcast dives deep into fiscal and monetary policy, politics, and economics. You’ll get a view of the FED, the White House, and the World like nowhere else. Subscribe to stay up-to-date on the biggest guests and the best analysis, all with the signature Trish Regan insight.


Episode #58  |  October 21, 2021
Are You Prepared For Hyper-Inflation?

In this episode of American Consequences with Trish Regan, Trish welcomes former White House economist and Wall Street Journal editorial board member Stephen Moore to the podcast. Steve says the supply chain shortage is growing worse and Americans should be ready for sticker shock everywhere within the next few weeks. Here's what to expect as the economy prepares for hyper-inflation in the months ahead.


Stephen Moore
Episode #57  |  October 14, 2021
Facebook’s Algorithms of Censorship

Fresh off the Facebook whistleblower testimony on Capitol Hill, Trish is joined by TV legend John Stossel, who is currently suing Facebook for defamation about his investigation into climate-change stories. Plus, Trish and John talk about the almighty Facebook algorithm and how it's censoring Conservative media while allowing Liberal media, Communist countries, and even the Taliban to post without penalty.


John Stossel
Episode #56  |  October 7, 2021
Bitcoin Ban: China’s Loss Is America’s Gain

In this episode, Trish is joined by Greg Foss, executive director at Validus Power, who discusses China's foolish decision to ban bitcoin. Plus, they discuss bitcoin being a "digital store of energy" and not a form of currency, the challenges of mining bitcoin, and much more. Trish gives her thoughts on the latest crisis at Facebook and details some of her struggles with shadow-banning and censorship. Have a question or topic you want to hear in a future podcast episode? Send us an e-mail at


Greg Foss
Episode #55  |  September 30, 2021
Biden’s Shifty Math: $3.5 Trillion Does Not Equal Zero

In this episode, Trish is joined by Grover Norquist, the president and founder of Americans for Tax Reform, a tax-payer advocacy group. The two discuss government spending, Biden's infrastructure bill, and a possible government shutdown.


Grover Norquist
Episode #54  |  September 23, 2021
Cutting Through Wall Street’s Noise

In this episode, Trish welcomes founder and stock-picker, Adam Johnson on to discuss the sectors and companies with the most opportunity in the years ahead. From airline stocks to oil companies...from gold miners to home builders...from Biotech to gambling, Johnson tells Trish the names he’s buying now. 


Adam Johnson
Episode #53  |  September 16, 2021
How Woke Corporations Are Ruining America

In this episode, Trish talks with entrepreneur and best-selling author, Vivek Ramaswamy. Is the relationship between the government and big business more alarming than ever? Ramaswamy says..."It's worse than it's ever been, and the reason is that it is dressed up in the veneer of progressivism. Plus, Trish asks about social media censorship and the financial ramifications of the Afghanistan debacle.


Vivek Ramaswamy
Episode #52  |  September 9, 2021
What’s Next for American Markets After a Messy Exit from Afghanistan?

In this episode, Trish talks with the president and chief investment officer of Greylock Capital Management, Hans Humes. There's been much debate about how the Biden Administration exited Afghanistan, but, how does that affect American markets, and what are the financial ramifications?  Trish and Hans discuss. Plus, with the 20th anniversary of 9/11 upon us, Hans discusses the role of Saudi Arabia in tolerating religious extremism.


Hans Humes
Episode #51  |  September 2, 2021
Financial Catastrophe – When the Fed Has to Undo What They’ve Done

In this episode, Trish and Neil Grossman discuss how the Fed’s actions of recent years have distorted any potential signals the markets usually show. He notes that their financial manipulation keeps warping the economy so much that regular American investors will end up paying the price. But with October being a historically challenging month for the markets, will next month be another correction?


Neil Grossman
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