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Episode #11  |  November 25, 2020
America at Stake

China is proposing a global travel program for who has and has not been tested for the Coronavirus. Gordon G. Chang, author of The Coming Collapse of China and Nuclear Showdown: North Korea Takes On the World joins Trish to discuss the outlandish plans and what it means for the U.S. under Biden.


Gordon G. Chang, Ralph Norman, Kristin B. Tate
Episode #10  |  November 18, 2020
The Biden Economy & Venezuelan Style Voter Difficulties

Are we on the path toward Socialism? This week, Debbie D’Souza returns to shed some light on voter difficulties. She compares the 2020 Election to past elections in Venezuela. Then the legendary Neil Grossman, economist, mathematician dives into Biden’s COVID-19 plans. Grossman argues that the Fed and any potential Biden stimulus would create a false economy and artificial market gains.


Debbie D’Souza, Neil Grossman
Episode #9  |  November 11, 2020
Recount? Conservatives not giving up

It’s not over yet! While mainstream media sources love to tell you that the election results have been called, Trish and special guest Ned Ryun break down the next steps for Trump’s campaign. Then, KT McFarland, former deputy national security advisor to Donald Trump, calls for open ears from Democrats as the election results continue to divide the country. And has any voter fraud happened before? Sean Parnell, Republican Candidate for the 17th Congressional District of Pennsylvania, recounts his own experience with vote counting. 


KT McFarland, Ned Ryun, Sean Parnell
Episode #8  |  November 4, 2020
The Aftermath

The polls were way off – Trump is very much in this race and concerns about vote counting have arisen. This special election edition of American Consequences with Trish Regan breaks down the current state of the votes, and what’s to come. Guest Sean Spicer, television host, author and Former White House Press Secretary under President Trump outline how wrong the media has been going into the election polls. Then Trish and Andy Puzder, author of “Getting America Back to Work,” dive into the Trump campaign. And according to fan-favorite Dr. Sebastian Gorka, “it’s not how many votes you win, it’s who counts the votes.”


Andy Puzder, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Sean Spicer
Episode #7  |  October 28, 2020
Countdown to the Election

The outcome of the next few days is critical to the American economy and our international standing. Former NFL star and current Republican nominee for Utah’s 4th congressional district, Burgess Owens breaks down Democratic elitism and the pursuit of the American Dream today. Then, financial editor at the Media Research Center, Dan Gainor, brings up a topic that mainstream media doesn’t want anyone to acknowledge: Leftist media bias. Andy Ngo, editor at large for the Post Millennial, talks about his experience with Antifa’s radical plan to destroy democracy. Who is really behind the riots going on? That and more on this episode of American Consequences with Trish Regan. Subscribe to the podcast to be notified for every new episode. 


Andy Ngo, Burgess Owens, Dan Gainor
Episode #6  |  October 21, 2020
First Amendment Under Fire

Big tech and big media are suppressing the latest political scandal, while the justice department is filing a lawsuit alleging a monopoly by Google. First up, Jenna Ellis, a senior legal advisor and counsel to President Trump, explains what’s going on with Hunter Biden. Then CEO of Dyadic, Mark Emalfarb has made it his goal to ensure every American citizen gets the Coronavirus vaccine, and Senator Marsha Blackburn joins Trish to break down the new filings by the justice department. That and more in this week’s episode of American Consequences. 


Jenna Ellis, Mark Emalfarb, Marsha Blackburn
Episode #5  |  October 14, 2020
The Great American Economy

Strong economic data, coupled with a new Gallup poll showing the majority of Americans consider themselves better off than they did four years ago, shows that the Trump economic team is doing something very right. So, what happens if there’s a change in leadership and a shift in economic policy? Famed economist Art Laffer walks us through that scenario. Plus, Raj Bhakta, an American entrepreneur, explains his newest venture—redefining a college education. For more from Trish Regan follow her on twitter @trish_regan & visit


Art Laffer, Raj Bhakta
Episode #4  |  October 7, 2020
The Battle for America

What will happen on November 3rd?  President Trump is back in the White House, the campaigning continues, and more backlash comes from mainstream media outlets. In an episode dedicated to the future of our country, Trish is joined by Sebastian Gorka, a military and intelligence analyst who served as Deputy Assistant to President Trump, David Bossie, President of Citizens United and Senior Advisor for the 2020 Trump Campaign, and, Trump economic advisor Stephen Moore. This is an episode you don’t want to miss.


Stephen Moore, David Bossie, Dr. Sebastian Gorka
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