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Dear Concerned American,

If you think everything in America is just fine…

And the people “behind the curtain” of our financial system care about you and your money…

This might not be for you.

But if instead you feel like we do – like you’re never really getting the full story from the mainstream media…

We agree.

And we did something about it.

We believe when it comes to your retirement… your money… and your financial safety in the coming years…

You deserve better.

  • Better than the pollsters who’ve gotten every important event of the last few years dead wrong… from Brexit to Trump to the U.K. populist upset.
  • Better than the Fake News journalists rewriting press releases from lying politicians.
  • And better than the Wall Street “experts” whose advice always seems to be that things are “looking good” for companies at the peak of a bubble and “looking bad” for companies that have just gone up in flames!

That’s why we started American Consequences – a new, online magazine about what’s really happening in American finance… and what’s about to happen next.

The first thing you should know is that American Consequences is 100% free.

There’s no subscription fee… no “paywall”… nothing.

Simply sign up below and get it delivered to your inbox each month.

And the second thing you should know is that we do NOT accept any sort of payment from the companies that we write about. Ever.

Remember – when you’re watching the news or reading the paper… no one cares about you.

The real customers of most mainstream media sources are the advertisers.

Without their money, the news goes dark.

And the media’s biggest advertisers have a huge role in what information ultimately makes it to you.

Which might be one reason why they keep putting out dangerously wrong “advice” and information.

For example…

One very famous commentator on CNBC told viewers, “Bear Stearns is not in trouble … Don’t move your money from Bear”…

…the same month that the company’s stock plummeted from $98 to $10 a share during the financial crisis.

And maybe you remember when Fortune magazine named Enron “America’s Most Innovative Company” for six consecutive years…

That’s right, the company behind the biggest corporate fraud scandal in history.

The company whose stock tumbled from $90 to 6 cents a share and devastated retirement accounts across the county.

(One guy who worked as a plant manager for 30 years lost nearly every penny of his $1.3 million retirement fund. His retired wife had to go back to work and he started mowing lawns to get by.)

It’s amazing that anyone still listens to these talking heads.

But maybe it’s just because there’s never been an alternative, until now.

American Consequences is privately funded by America’s largest independent financial research firm. 

We publish unfiltered, contrarian research.

Our work is read by close to a million people in over 120 countries.

We don’t “run money” for anyone… we NEVER own stocks the stocks we write about… and we don’t bow down to sponsors of any kind.

Actually, we don’t bow down to anyone.

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This month in

Editor in chief P.J. O'Rourke (see below) investigates something strange happening to capitalism... a near-unrecognizable, terrifying mutation in American corporations.

The biggest 12 American public companies look almost nothing like they did a few decades ago.

The poster child – Amazon – for these "zero-profit corporations" is one of the greatest businesses on earth... and it's also trading at an extraordinary valuation.

We show both sides: Warning of the risks in trying to find the next Amazon and also detailing how it's about as close to a guarantee for investing success as you can get.

We have the latest from the Blue Apron IPO disaster... why tech titans are given a free pass by anti-business business journalists... and an update on the "Melt Up." (If you have any money invested in the market today, you must be aware of this "urinal signal.")

Plus, a retired U.S. Air Force nuclear weapons team chief shares three major risks from North Korea's nuclear arsenal that almost no one else is talking about.

Finally, we profile noted short-seller Andrew Left... look into one of his recent positions, electric-carmaker Tesla... and media mogul Glenn Beck joins us to talk about why you "can't put revolution back in a bottle."

If you feel that something's not quite right in the market today – this issue is for you.

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American Consequences is edited by P.J. O’Rourke, author of 19 books including Eat The Rich and How the Hell Did This Happen: The Election of 2016.

P.J. cut his teeth as an editor-in-chief of the National Lampoon and a foreign affairs correspondent for Rolling Stone.

He’s since written for The Weekly Standard… The Atlantic… and many other magazines.

  • The Washington Times said he “takes no prisoners.”
  • The Telegraph called him a “hellraiser” known for “his trademark merciless skewering of liberal niceties and political correctness at every turn.”
  • The Guardian called him “a Republican answer to Hunter S. Thompson.”
  • And the Chicago Tribune said he “Writes like your average ruthless assassin [and] takes great pride in being an equal opportunity offender.”

P.J. is the H. L. Mencken fellow at the Cato Institute, a member of the editorial board of World Affairs and a regular panelist on NPR's Wait… Wait… Don't Tell Me.

He lives with his family in rural New England, as far away from the things he writes about as he can get.