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Made in America

If you think everything in America is going as our Founders planned… and the people behind our financial system care about you and your money… well, you should probably click off this page right now.

But if you sense that you’re never getting the entire story from the mainstream media, well, we agree – and you’re in the right place.

That’s why we started American Consequences – a digital magazine that pulls back the curtain on American finance and politics.

For the People, By Our People

Our publisher is Trish Regan, an award-winning, multi-Emmy-nominated investigative journalist and broadcaster whose career has spanned working for Fox Business, Bloomberg, CNBC, and CBS. She analyzes the political landscape through an economic lens and is committed to an egalitarian free market that benefits all Americans. 

Trish is also the host of our weekly American Consequences podcast, where she dives deep with expert guests into the stories that matter, from Big Tech’s threats to the future of the GOP. She’s the founder of the multi-media company and former host of Trish Regan Primetime – a daily program dedicated to revealing the truth of American economics and politics.

Trish emphasizes the vitality of intellectual curiosity and the right to hear from all voices, as she’s a tireless advocate for the First Amendment. Throughout her illustrious career, she’s interviewed an array of luminaries, including heads of state, U.S. Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Fortune 500 CEOs.

She knows that listening to your fellow Americans is how we can progress as a country – that it’s time to stop canceling culture and instead advance it.

Editor in Chief P.J. O’Rourke isn’t in the business of taking sides – he’s about making points. And none is more self-evident than this core truth: mocking the absurdities of Washington, D.C. and Wall Street is the best way to understand how this nation works (or doesn’t).

Meanwhile, our executive editors Buck Sexton and Kim Iskyan never fail to mince their words – Buck with his smirking culture war putdowns and Kim with his wildly entertaining, contrarian takes on global and domestic finances.

Apolitically Correct

Each issue of American Consequences focuses on one of the world’s biggest absurdities:

    • The market-distorting power of the Federal Reserve and the nonsense of central banking worldwide.
    • The strange mutation of 21st-century capitalism, turning the nation’s best-known companies from understandable businesses into something unrecognizable.
    • Big Government – that ultimate monster of power and expense – with tentacles threatening to strangle us all.

      Every Month You Can Expect…

        • Insights into what matters most in the markets, with investable opportunities.
        • A no-B.S. look at what’s happening in American finance and politics.
        • How to protect your portfolio from coming disasters and make the most of your retirement nest egg.

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      Here’s what readers have been saying about the magazine…

      Thanks for screwing up my month. I just read the “Inside This Issue,” and now I have to read the whole damn magazine. I’ll have to install a tablet by the toilet to get through them all.  – Carl

      I hate you! The last thing I need in my life now is a new obsession. Well, guess what American Consequences is becoming? – Tracy

      The best news/opinion info on the web! Dead on. This praise is from a 66-year-old who has read and enjoyed Mr. O’Rourke over the years. The only web publication I read from start to finish.Bob

      As one born a leading-edge baby boomer (1944), I am profoundly grateful for your gift of American Consequences. You’ve provided me the opportunity to die of laughter.Leilani  

      I started receiving your emails about one year ago. They are informative, insightful, and most importantly, discuss perspectives one can’t find in many media outlets. Keep up the great work! We need to hear the truth and not the psychotic rants of the left (or right). – Rob

      And soon, you too can join this chorus celebrating our common sense at this uncommonly insane time in our country.

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